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About Us

AGH was co-founded by Ashita and Chad Miller. Chad is from sweet home Alabama, while Ashita is from the Land of the Long White Cloud, none other than beautiful New Zealand. did these two meet? The two exchanged paths in South Korea and were married there. After their wedding, the couple moved to Auckland, New Zealand, where they began to manifest the dream of AGH that God had given them.


What is AGH?

First of all, we want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to browse AGH, and we are even more grateful that you’ve decided to click here to figure out what AGH is all about!

AGH is much more than a clothing brand. Since the beginning, our main purpose has been to help those who are less fortunate. Shortly after we were married, we felt God giving us His heart to help those who are in need, whether that be homeless, poor, the widowed, or adults and children who don’t have all of the basic necessities. We gradually started to act on the plan and began to give where we could. However, we knew there was more.

This is where AGH comes in. Inspired by King David and how he was referred to as “a man After God’s own Heart” (AGH), the vision was then made plain. God showed us the acronym, AGH, which has two meanings: 1. People After God’s Heart, those in which He is very pleased, and 2. People who are seeking After God’s Heart in everything they do. Being people who are After God’s Heart, we have all the means and resources to help others and spread the Kingdom.

This is why we believe AGH is much more than a clothing brand. Our belief is that AGH is a movement: a group of people seeking After God’s Heart, in whom He is very pleased, coming together to make real, lasting change in this world for the glory of God. For every purchase, we donate 50% of the proceeds back into the community. Through this, we are all working together for the Kingdom, one clothing item at a time. We ARE AGH; it is not just something we wear — it’s a declaration, a reminder of who we are and who we belong to, forever.

Ashita and Chad