Adele Gave Fans a Preview Of Her New Song, 'Easy On Me,' During Instagram Live

Is it Friday, Oct. 15, yet? Seriously though.

Anticipation has been building ever since Adele surprised her fans by sharing a brief sample of her forthcoming single, "Easy On Me," on her social media accounts. While the full song isn't set to be released until October 15th, the Grammy-winning artist delighted her followers by playing an extended preview during a recent Instagram Live session.

This sneak peek featured lyrics like: "I know there is hope in these waters," and "I can't bring myself to swim when I am drowning in this silence." The response from fans was overwhelmingly positive, with one tweeting: "A LEGEND. TRULY ICONIC. THE MOMENT." Another fan expressed their emotional reaction to the song, stating, "I literally cried so much, it's so perfect."

Adele has given her fans a taste of what's to come from her highly anticipated new album, and as expected, they can't contain their excitement. The artist's forthcoming album is set to be her most intimate one yet, according to her recent interview with Vogue. "This record holds a special place in my heart, I love it immensely," Adele revealed. She also noted how her previous album, 21, is no longer solely hers, as fans around the world have embraced it. However, she plans to keep this next album much closer to herself. "I'm eager to open up to everyone, but I don't think I can ever fully let this one go." The singer further mentioned that there won't be another "Hello" - her chart-topping single from 2015 - on the new album. "There isn't a track that mirrors 'Hello'," she told Vogue. "I didn't want to replicate that level of fame brought by that song. It's not that I have a plethora of 'Hello's at my disposal. My main concern was to ensure my story in this album didn't echo that track." Given the snippet of "Easy On Me" that fans have heard, it's clear they are in for something truly special with Adele's upcoming release.

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