America Ferrera On Transforming Her Relationship with Exercise

Exercise is no longer "about fixing flaws," said the 38-year-old actress in a new interview.

Today Parents recently hosted an interview with America Ferrera, who shared her evolving perspective on fitness and exercise. Previously, she viewed workouts as a tool to fix perceived imperfections. She would often find herself in cycles of self-criticism. Today, however, the 38-year-old actress has transformed her approach to physical activity. Ferrera now sees exercise as a means to cultivate strength, joy, and vitality rather than a way to alter her appearance. This shift in mindset required significant work on her part, but it's a change rooted in a profound appreciation for her body's capabilities. As a mother to four-year-old Sebastian and two-year-old Lucia, Ferrera believes in demonstrating positive attitudes towards fitness to her children. She wants to instil in them that engaging in physical activities should be about experiencing personal joy rather than striving for societal standards of beauty.

For many, like Ferrera, achieving a balanced relationship with exercise is a challenge. Misconceptions of working out often link it to just calorie-burning or body-shrinking, creating an unhealthy approach towards fitness. Healthy exercise habits should be akin to any other positive relationship, states Barb Puzanovova, C.P.T., an ACE-certified non-diet and HAES-aligned personal trainer. This implies listening and responding to your body, establishing trust and respect. The sustainability and adaptability of your workout routine are crucial, not strict regimens that cause physical or mental discomfort. Improving an unhealthy relationship with exercise involves rethinking your goals, proposes Puzanovova. Concentrate on immediate benefits such as mood enhancement or improved sleep, rather than long-term objectives. Incorporating rest days in your schedule or reducing the intensity of your workout can make a significant difference. Changing the perception of ‘exercise’, which may carry negative connotations for some, to ‘movement’ can also help. Following Ferrera’s example, you could find joy in exercising. Enjoyment in workouts is a principle Puzanovova has previously emphasized. Look for ways to make your workout enjoyable; for instance, listen to your favorite podcast while walking or invite a friend. This approach reduces pressure and makes the workout more fun. Ferrera enjoys Zumba dance classes and highlights how they provide a fun-filled, full-body workout. After a Zumba class, she finds herself pleasantly surprised by the muscle groups she has unknowingly worked on. If you're seeking joy in your routine, consider trying Zumba. Watch Ferrera's fun-filled dance video on Instagram for inspiration; it might be the motivation you need to start moving!

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