Enell Sports Bras Are Ashley Graham's Favorite Bra

"Honestly, it's my favorite bra ever for the girls."

From the moment she became a mother in January, Ashley Graham has been openly sharing her journey back to fitness post-pregnancy with her loyal 11 million Instagram followers. Of course, her "most-loved sports bra" is her reliable companion throughout this journey, offering much-needed support now more than ever as a new mom who's breastfeeding. During an Instagram Live workout session last week, Graham shone a spotlight on her beloved sports bra once again. Collaborating with Kira Stokes, her trusted trainer, they designed a workout regimen that didn't require any equipment. Their goal was to raise funds for Urban Arts Partnership, a New York City-based non-profit organization. While the model poured her heart into promoting the noble cause, fans couldn't resist enquiring about her sports bra. Later on, her trainer revealed to Shape that it was from Enell, Graham's preferred brand. However, this isn't the first time Graham has expressed her fondness for the sports bra publicly. In April, while quarantining with her family in Nebraska, she conducted yet another live workout session alongside Stokes where the dynamic duo focused on exercises for glutes, core, and booty. Following the workout, a perspiring Graham disclosed that she was sporting the Enell Lite Bra (Buy It, from $80, amazon.com).


Renowned model Ashley Graham is all praise for the Lite sports bra, which she terms as her current favorite, especially since she's in her breastfeeding phase.

What makes this sports bra stand out for her is that it balances perfectly between providing ample support to prevent excessive bouncing and not being overly restrictive. Notably, Graham's fondness for this sportswear brand is not new; she had expressed her love for its bras back in 2016 too.

In a fun-filled sweaty selfie video on Instagram, she enthusiastically demonstrated to her fellow big-breasted followers how these bras ensure 'the girls' stay put during workouts. She quite humorously bounced around and reassured them, saying that 'these girls are not going anywhere. Nowhere!'


For those blessed with a cup size C or larger, Enell presents a trio of options to cater to your support needs. Graham's current favourite is The Lite, ideal for everyday use and exercises of low intensity. For those needing medium to high effect support, the Enell Racer Bra (Buy It, $68 amazon.com) is a perfect choice. If you're planning on engaging in high-intensity workouts, the Enell Sport Bra (starting from $66, amazon.com) offers maximum restraint to minimize bounce. All bras made by the brand feature wide shoulder straps for weight distribution and comfort, a broad elastic band at the bra's base, a motion-control neckline to prevent any unnecessary movement, and fabric that whisks away moisture, ensuring a cool and comfortable experience. Full-back coverage ensures no slippage while the front hook and eye closures make wearing and removing the bra easy - a truly rare attribute considering how strenuous it could be to take off a sweaty sports bra after a workout. Keep scrolling to find and purchase Graham's top picks.

Buy It: Enell Lite Bra, from $79, amazon.com

Buy It: Enell Racer Bra, $68, amazon.com

Buy It: Enell Sport Bra, from $66, amazon.com

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