Shape Best In Fitness Awards 2023: The Best Exercise Equipment, Fitness Gear, and Activewear

Shape's leading experts and editors are excited to reveal over 160 top fitness products currently available. Whether your passion is a high-energy kickboxing session, or a serene yoga practice, we understand that fitness isn't a one-size-fits-all journey. The delight of establishing your individual exercise regime comes from exploring varied workouts, evaluating the latest fitness gear to help reach your objectives, and discovering what truly spurs you to stay active. These elements have inspired us to present our first-ever Shape Best In Fitness Awards. Today's market offers a vast range of home gym equipment, fitness tracking wearables, workout apps, and more, making reliable advice and accurate information crucial for investing wisely in your health (and an awesome home gym). Our primary aim with the inaugural Best In Fitness Awards is to offer a comprehensive guide to tools that not only make your workouts achievable but also enhance their quality. By spotlighting these exceptional products — ones that we genuinely love and endorse — we hope to inspire you to tackle your workouts with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Certainly, in every person's life, the fitness journey varies. You could be at the beginning stages of your fitness regimen or on the verge of establishing a fully equipped home gym. Perhaps, 2023 is the year you've decided to explore rock climbing, or you're driven to achieve a new personal best in a 5K run. Alternatively, you might enjoy experimenting with various types of workouts. With a staggering 167 winners across nearly a dozen categories, the Shape Best In Fitness Awards serves as your dependable guide for everything required to commence, maintain, or modify your exercise routine. Discover more about our methodology used to select the finest in fitness, and meet the professionals endorsing these winners. Then, delve into each category and immerse yourself in workout motivation. You're bound to find numerous essential additions to your fitness regime.

Our Testing Process

The journey to select over 160 victors for the inaugural Shape Best In Fitness Awards was no minor feat. Initially, we outlined the categories we desired emphasis on: extensive home gym gear, compact home gym apparatus, workout attire, recuperation tools, wearable tech, activewear, gym shoes, exercise accessories, online fitness platforms and applications, as well as outdoor equipment and gear. We also set guidelines for what the awards would encapsulate, ensuring that we focus on products and brands that are inclusive and available to a diverse audience. At Shape, our prime directive is to make fitness inclusive and accessible to everyone (refer to our Editorial Guidelines for additional details). You'll come across a variety of winners that accommodate all sizes, are disability-friendly, and originate from companies founded or owned by BIPOC.

Our rigorous testing procedure involved collaboration with a range of health and wellness experts, including Shape editors, personal trainers, and athletes among other wellness industry professionals, who helped in recommending products. All the shared perspectives on each product's user-friendliness, efficiency, comfortability, and durability were taken into account. To qualify for the awards, the reviewers had to have utilized the product a minimum of three times over a span of three months, using it as intended. We also included space for newly introduced items that our editors were able to preview and test hands-on, ensuring our awards recognized promising future-focused products. After consolidating all expert feedback, we selected our final winners, bestowing the inaugural Shape Best In Fitness Award only to the absolute best. In essence: These products are not only worth your investment but will also aid you in achieving your fitness objectives.

Meet Our Experts

In addition to our own crew of Shape editors and contributors, we sourced recommendations from 14 fitness pros, experts, and trainers with verified credentials and years of industry experience. These panelists offer a diverse range of expertise, from their workout preferences to their individual needs and abilities, so no matter who you are or what workouts you love, you'll find feedback that speaks to you.

Ready to dive into Shape's Best In Fitness Awards? Use the navigation below or at the top of your screen to explore all the different categories, winners, and recommendations that are guaranteed to help you move in 2023.

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