Billie Eilish Shared She's a 'Gym Rat' In Apple Music Interview

Eilish shared that she used to avoid working out, but now hits the gym daily.

Despite being known for her evocative and emotional music, Billie Eilish has recently embraced a new role - that of a fitness enthusiast. In a fresh conversation with Apple Music, Eilish spilled the beans about how she's working on her fitness to remain physically robust for her energetic gigs. The dialogue took an interesting turn when Zane Lowe, the host, queried Eilish about her preparation for the recent tour considering her past ankle sprain during a show in Milan. To ensure she remains uninjured, the "When the Party's Over" artist revealed that she's become a regular at the gym. "Since the incident, I've been focusing on strengthening my body and bones," confessed Eilish. "But more so in the last four months or so; I've made substantial changes to incorporate fitness in my lifestyle. Surprisingly, I've turned into an avid gym-goer. It all began with the resolution 'I cannot afford any more injuries.' So I decided not to let myself slip into that state again. For years, I had been living like that." It's no secret that Eilish has faced multiple injuries during her tours. Her documentary, "Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry", discloses how she had to give up dancing after an injury. "Every passion of mine had to be sidelined," she expressed in her film. "I used to dance for around 12 hours each week until an injury forced me to stop. I tore the growth plate in my hip, causing the bone to separate from the muscle. That was probably the most melancholy year of my life. Bedridden, I couldn't even move. From then on, I stopped dancing." Eilish admitted in her latest interaction with Apple Music that incorporating workouts into her daily schedule has revolutionized her lifestyle. "Around May, I began vigorous workouts. However, it was after returning from Europe that I started visiting the gym every day for the first time," she related to Lowe. "Although this might be a regular practice for many, it wasn't for me. But now, it's become an integral part of my life and has enhanced my overall well-being. The way I can groove on stage now feels incredibly better." Eilish's statement reflects the truth about the advantages of exercise, such as bone strengthening and increased flexibility. Activities like strength training or running can boost your bone density, while mobility enhancing workouts can minimize injury risk. Here's wishing that Eilish's newfound fitness regimen keeps her free from ailments and ready for her trademark dynamic performances.

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