Brianne Howey of Ginny & Georgia No Filter Interview

Renowned for her vibrant portrayal of Georgia Miller on Netflix's acclaimed dramedy, 'Ginny & Georgia,' actress Brianne Howey reveals how a comprehensive wellness regimen keeps her animated for grueling film schedules. Her wellness essentials include therapy sessions, Pilates classes, acupuncture treatments, and nourishing organic meals from local farmers markets. In an interview with Shape, Howey asserts that holistic nourishment promotes emotional, mental, and physical well-being. She acknowledges, however, that maintaining this balance can sometimes be burdensome. Yet, she believes that understanding personal wellness needs is an integral facet of one's growth. Howey's commitment to comprehensive self-care has significantly contributed to her stellar performance in 'Ginny & Georgia,' set to premiere its second season on January 5, 2023. As Georgia, a fiercely protective single mother with a dark past involving money laundering and murder, Howey portrays a character unafraid to assert herself, despite the trauma she has experienced. Her past roles include appearances in Fox's 'The Exorcist' and 'The Passage', as well as The CW's 'Batwoman'. However, it was her role as Georgia that struck a personal chord, given her own upbringing by a young, single mother. "Interacting with Georgia allows me to rekindle my relationship with my late mother," says Howey. "It's given me a fresh perspective on my motherhood ideals." Contrary to Georgia's audacious demeanor, Howey opts for a more composed approach to her personal wellness. In the subsequent discourse, she shares her indispensable sleep routine, her workout regimen amidst taxing film schedules, and her penchant for unwinding with true-crime podcasts.

Her Fitness Motto: Every Little Bit Counts

Despite the energetic allure of group fitness sessions, Howey found that solo workouts at home provided a unique type of flexibility during the COVID-19 lockdown. To ensure a vigorous workout, she would often turn to her Peloton bike for an intense cardio session. Nonetheless, Pilates remains her preferred form of exercise due to its stretching benefits and the convenience of being able to do it anywhere with just a mat and resistance bands. She said, "Having the option to do Pilates at home has been incredibly beneficial when I'm on set or can't make it to a scheduled class." In addition to planning her workouts for the first half of the day to avoid interruptions, Howey makes the most of every opportunity to stay active. Activities such as walking to run errands or making a quick trip to a local coffee shop not only help her maintain physical activity but also provide mental respite. Venturing beyond her comfort zone, Howey has discovered the value of acupuncture in regulating sleep patterns. While acknowledging that it's a high-end wellness practice, she wishes that it could be more accessible. She confessed, "I am grateful that I've been able to include acupuncture in my routine. It can be daunting to sit still with your thoughts, but that stillness led me to explore meditation, which used to intimidate me. Now, having experienced the benefits of acupuncture, I am inspired to embrace meditation and seek a serene mental space."

Her No-Frills Approach to Self-Care and Better Sleep

Mental wellness holds equal importance as physical well-being for Howey. She finds therapy sessions invaluable, terming them as "life-changing" for her mental health. Her only wish is that everyone could have free access to such crucial services. Often, feeling and looking good are interconnected. This makes her frequent visits to a trusted salon in West Hollywood treasured moments. A great blowout there works wonders in uplifting her spirits. Before retiring for the night, Howey ensures she stays away from all forms of technology. However, one activity she never misses out on is her nighttime skincare regimen. Washing her face at night is non-negotiable for her. It doesn't matter how exhausted or late it is, she knows she'll regret not doing so in the morning. For early mornings when she needs to look more refreshed, she relies on Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. To enhance their effect, she stores them in the refrigerator for an added cooling touch. Although electronic gadgets are generally banned before bed, there's one exception- the Body Stone from Kate McLeod. As explained by Howey, it's a compressed oil bar which requires no water. The scent of lavender and chamomile along with the physical act of massaging the bar helps signal the body that it's time to relax and switch off.

Creating Her Happy Place

Working out is a necessity for Howey, as the release of endorphins aids in improving her mood. However, she asserts that nothing lifts her spirits quite like her pooch, Bodie. An Australian Shepherd mix, Bodie holds a special place in her heart. "Bodie is my first pet, and I may be overly infatuated with him, but until I got him, I had no idea about the happiness I was missing," the actress confesses. She further shares that she and her spouse adopted him at the onset of the COVID pandemic, which turned out to be a beautiful heart-opening experience. Even when she's feeling down or stuck in a rut, spending time with her beloved Bodie always manages to cheer her up. Self-care doesn't abide by any strict rules, which is perhaps its greatest advantage. This is evident in Howey's unconventional combination of caring for her plants while indulging in true-crime podcasts - an activity she finds soothing. Initially taken up as a lockdown hobby, gardening in her backyard ended up being surprisingly beneficial. "It keeps my hands busy and my mind engaged," she points out, implying that such simple activities can often be all you need to unwind.

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