Watch Brie Larson and Blogilates' Cassey Ho Do 100 Sit-Ups In 5 Minutes

Naturally, Captain Marvel delivered.

Acclaimed for her physical prowess as Captain Marvel, Brie Larson has accepted yet another daring fitness challenge, this time from Cassey Ho, the mind behind Blogilates. Featured in a new video on Larson's YouTube channel, the duo embarks on a daunting task: completing 100 sit-ups within a five-minute window. Dressed in stylish gear from the New Balance x Staud collection, both Larson and Ho face the challenge with apprehension, uncertain of their ability to achieve the goal.

Larson, whose fitness achievements include conquering indoor rock climbing, executing pull-ups with heavy steel chains, and performing hip thrusts with a staggering 400-pound weight, admits to feeling queasy at the thought of doing so many sit-ups. The challenge seems monumental, even for someone accustomed to the rigors of superhero training.

Despite their groans and yells, Brie Larson and Cassey Ho from Blogilates defied expectations by successfully completing the grueling task of doing 100 sit-ups in just 5 minutes. Their technique was impeccable, with both women ensuring that they maintained the correct form throughout. They utilized dumbbells to hold down their feet for stability, but suggested alternatives such as using a couch or asking someone else to hold your feet. It's also crucial not to place too much strain on your neck as you sit up. While sit-ups can be a fun way to measure one's strength, it's important to note that there are other more effective abdominal exercises. As a way to distract themselves from the burn of the sit-ups, they engaged in light-hearted conversation. Ho expressed admiration for Larson's impressive level of strength, notably when she managed to push a jeep uphill. On the other hand, Ho shared her greatest physical accomplishment — her exceptional flexibility. Before they knew it, they had completed the challenge in an astounding 3 minutes and 30 seconds. On Ho's Blogilates platform, they further challenged themselves with a distinct "superhero abs" workout video right after finishing the sit-up challenge. This included Pilates roll-ups (a favorite exercise of Kate Hudson), leg lifts, single-leg jackknife splits, among others. Despite the obvious soreness from the previous challenge, they executed all movements with slow, controlled strength.

Whether you're watching the pair do 100 sit-ups in under 5 minutes or admiring their strength in Ho's "superhero abs" workout, these ab exercises can all be done practically anywhere using just your bodyweight. (Here's why core strength is so important.)

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