Brie Larson Calls This $14 Ice Roller ‘Heaven’ for Depuffing Skin

Reviewers say it makes a difference “within minutes.”

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Despite my diligent nightly skincare routine, I often find myself waking up to a face that's swollen and appears fatigued - a problem that many can identify with. Over the past few years, various solutions have emerged to tackle this issue, among which ice rollers are the most popular. According to dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, M.D, a roller chilled to icy temperatures not only stimulates lymphatic drainage to relieve muscle tension and excess fluid but also constricts blood vessels. This leaves your skin appearing tighter while temporarily reducing redness, resulting in an overall more refreshed and radiant look. Social media platform TikTok has seen a surge of popularity for ice rollers. They've won the favor of celebrities too; Jennifer Aniston praised a similar icing method as "genius". Just last week, Brie Larson showcased her own cooling facial tool in a Vogue video, stating "This is heaven to me," while demonstrating the Esarora Ice Roller. She further explained how her work requires frequent travel, so discovering tricks like this that enable self-care without much effort is delightful. Despite sounding like a luxurious sculpting and depuffing gadget, Larson’s choice tool is surprisingly affordable at just $14 on Amazon. Its ease of use, low-maintenance nature, and effectiveness have earned it over 16,000 perfect ratings.

Invest in the Esarora Ice Roller that is priced at a discounted $14, after using the coupon, on This incredibly effective tool works wonders for tired and dull skin, with users vouching for its fast action which revitalizes the skin “within minutes.” As one satisfied customer shares, it remarkably reduces morning puffiness around the eyes and facial area while providing relaxation. Another consumer hails it as a “lifesaver” offering "instant relief" from acne and inflammation, resulting in a face that appears “brighter and less inflamed” after each use. Dubbed as an all-rounder by a third patron who says, “It helps with literally everything,” this cooling tool manages to reduce puffiness irrespective of the user’s health condition – be it normal, sick, or even hungover. If the sight of your reflection post a late-night party fills you with dread, then it's high time you considered giving this miraculous skin-toning device a shot. Buy it now for just $14 using the Amazon coupon.

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