Watch Chelsea Handler Do an Advanced Arms and Abs Exercise In This Workout Video

Her trainer Ben Bruno just posted a video of the comedian demo-ing a hollow-body press, and it's seriously impressive.

Recognized for her comedic prowess, Chelsea Handler is also a fitness enthusiast who shares her intense workout routines on Instagram. Her fitness regimen includes gym workouts, Pilates, and even kayaking. Celebrity trainer Ben Bruno assists in her fitness journey, introducing challenging exercises guaranteed to test her limits. A recent Instagram video by Bruno showcased Handler performing a formidable workout called the hollow-body press. Bruno described this as an advanced progression where one arm remains straight while the other presses, switching sides subsequently. Throughout this exercise, Handler maintains a hollow-body hold position where she lies on her back, ensuring that her shoulders and legs aren't touching the mat. This workout not only targets the arms and abs but also engages the entire core. It requires strong hip flexors and glutes for stability and control during the movement. Handler's ability to execute this rigorous exercise with such strength and equilibrium deserves immense admiration.

In another video, Handler performs another variation-the hollow-body triceps extension, which as Bruno explains, "is a very advanced anti-extension core exercise with secondary benefits for the arms," and requires a super-strong core and good shoulder mobility. In other videos, Handler kills it with the barbell hip thrust with pretty heavy weights-so clearly she's not messing around in the gym.

As a premier fitness expert, Bruno boasts an impressive client list that includes renowned personalities like Kate Upton and Victoria's Secret model Barbara Fialho. His proficiency in getting these celebrities in their best shape is well-documented with Upton gracing the covers of Sports Illustrated and Shape magazine under his guidance. Thanks to the power of social media, you can now gain access to his valuable workout insights. By following him online, you get a first-hand look at the rigorous workouts your favorite stars undergo. It serves as a refreshing reminder that celebrities, much like us, have to work hard to maintain their physique.

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