Watch Chelsea Handler Celebrate Her 45th Birthday with Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats

The comedian started her year off strong by breezily performing deficit Bulgarian split squats—while holding 45 pounds.

In celebration of her 45th birthday, Chelsea Handler swapped the traditional tequila shots for an intense leg workout. A recent Instagram post from her fitness coach Ben Bruno showcases the comedian taking on a challenging regimen of rear-foot-elevated Bulgarian split squats from a deficit - ten repetitions per side. Marking her age, Handler added an extra 45 pounds to the routine. Even while carrying two kettlebells and wearing a weighted vest, she makes each repetition look effortless. Moreso, Handler doesn't miss a beat as she sings "Happy Birthday" during her workout. Bruno, her trainer, remarked in the caption about her ability to engage in banter during the strenuous exercise, signifying her impressive strength and endurance.

Don't be fooled by how effortlessly Chelsea Handler appears to perform the Bulgarian split squats - this workout is not for beginners, according to her trainer, Bruno. The well-known butt and thigh exercise is designed to target each of your glute muscles specifically and help correct any imbalances between them. It also demands a high level of balance and stability, skills that many individuals find challenging.

By elevating the front foot and introducing a deficit, you are able to increase the range of motion. This allows for a deeper squat and places greater focus on the glutes, Bruno explains. However, Handler didn't master this advanced movement overnight. “Building strength takes time, and Chelsea is incredibly consistent with her workouts,” says Bruno. “Regardless of how occupied she is or how much she's partied, she always ensures she gets her workout in. Consistency and effort yield great results.”

Given Handler's dedication to her fitness routine, it wouldn't be surprising if she's ready for an even more strenuous workout by her next birthday. Maybe 46 Bulgarian split squats while carrying her dog?

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