Watch Chelsea Handler Put a Twist On a Standard Single-Arm Chest Press

And find out why it's a great exercise, according to her trainer.

Chelsea Handler has taken her fitness regimen to the next level, impressively executing a single-arm chest press with a unique twist. In a video posted by her trainer, Ben Bruno, on Instagram, we see Chelsea performing this challenging exercise. She balances her upper body on a bench and positions her right foot firmly on the ground while bending her right knee at a 90-degree angle. Simultaneously, she lifts her left leg off the floor, keeping it bent at a similar angle. Holding a dumbbell in her right hand at chest height, she proceeds to perform an overhead press. Throughout the exercise, she maintains a sturdy torso and elevated hips. In the video, Chelsea successfully performs ten reps on her right side surpassing her previous personal best of eight, as per Bruno's post. Without missing a beat, she switches over to the left side, saying "Let's see what happens on this left side," as she prepares for another round of presses. Demonstrating equal strength, she hits another round of ten reps with her left arm. Using a 30-pound dumbbell, Chelsea receives praise from Bruno who comments in his post, "I love this exercise, and this is really strong." Bruno further explains in the video that he incorporates this exercise in both his male and female clients' training programs. He adds that once they've mastered it, they can typically handle the same weight as their regular one-arm dumbbell press. Moreover, this variant offers additional benefits for the glutes and core.

In essence, a traditional dumbbell chest press is an indispensable workout to have in your fitness regimen. Lisa Niren, the leading tutor at Studio running app, has previously conveyed to Shape that this drill engages not only your shoulders, triceps, forearms, lats, pecs, traps, rhomboids but virtually every muscle present in your upper body. Add to this equation the strength needed for maintaining stability while executing Handler's challenging posture with mere her upper back resting on the bench, you'll get a comprehensive body exercise. This specific maneuver requires core and glute strength besides the arm and chest effort needed for pressing the dumbbell, as pointed out by Bruno in his post. Furthermore, it's worth noting that this is a unilateral exercise i.e., one-sided, offering numerous benefits. Alena Luciani, M.S., C.S.C.S., a certified coach specialized in strength and conditioning and the founder of Training2xl, has told Shape in the past that unilateral training does not just result in a more balanced body but also aids in injury prevention, provides additional strength necessary for breaking through a plateau, and enhances stability and mid-section strength. So, if you find chest presses too monotonous or too easy, consider trying this variation endorsed by celebrity trainers during your next gym session.

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