Shoppers Compare These CRZ Yoga Leggings to Luxury Versions

TikTokers say the buttery fabric is "literally perfect."

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Let's face it, who doesn't love a bargain that doesn't compromise quality? Take my reliable old coffee machine for example. It's been affectionately rebranded as my "Economical Starbucks". That yoga mat and collection of adjustable dumbbells gathering dust in the corner of my living room? Meet my "Affordable Equinox". However, finding a budget-friendly replacement for my beloved high-end activewear has always proven to be a struggle. I wouldn't consider myself an easy-to-please activewear shopper, having tried on over a hundred pairs of leggings, all failing to meet my standards. Yet, recently, my attention was caught by a $32 pair of leggings making headlines on TikTok amongst other discerning activewear enthusiasts. A user going by @hunterkailey praised them highly in a haul video saying, "The material is simply exquisite. I've never encountered something this velvety," likening them to Lululemon's renowned Align fabric. The CRZ Yoga Butterluxe leggings are indeed noteworthy, boasting a silky smooth blend of lycra and polyamide that molds perfectly to your body's shape. They're ideal for those intense workout sessions since they're entirely squat-proof and don't ride up, all thanks to their opaque make and supportive waistband. Another creator, @kennalang_, endorses them as a "less costly alternative to more expensive brands" and confesses to wearing these "extremely soft" leggings "constantly". For context, these leggings rank amongst the top 10 best Lululemon leggings of 2023 according to our testers.

Purchase Now: CRZ Yoga Luxuriously Soft Leggings, $32, Unsurprisingly, Amazon reviewers echo the praises sung by TikTok users. One satisfied customer who uses these leggings for running, lifting, and yoga exclaimed, "They feel like high-end leggings." Another shopper who's thrilled with their purchase declared they're “never spending $100” on leggings again. A third impressed reviewer described them as “the perfect pair” due to their comforting support. (Quick suggestion: Consider adding a workout onesie to your wardrobe - this stylish one from Amazon costs just $30.) While there are thousands of leggings available on Amazon, very few garner as much attention and hype as these CRZ Yoga leggings. Grab a pair for yourself at just $32 on Amazon and experience the rave reviews firsthand. 

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