Watch David and Victoria Beckham Compete In a Dynamic Plank Exercise

And find out how to try their partner workout at home.

Try the exciting plank exercise inspired by power couple David and Victoria Beckham. In a video shared by David, the duo can be seen spicing up their routine high plank with an engaging hand-eye coordination challenge, making this workout fun yet effective. The Beckhams, facing each other in the high plank position, along with their trainer Bobby Rich begin their challenging game.

The floor between them lights up with several buttons. As soon as these buttons start to glow, both David and Victoria swiftly tap on them, similar to playing Whac-a-Mole. The entire Beckham family, including their encouraging trainer and one of their kids, build an amazing environment, cheering for them.

This intriguing, approximately 30-second plank exercise provides an intense workout while keeping it entertaining. After ending the session, the camera focuses on Rich's phone showing a score of 61 to 48. It remains ambiguous who won, but they both successfully completed a unique transformation of a regular workout into something more exhilarating. (See: Victoria Beckham Shared Why She Ditched Cardio for Weight Lifting)

Planks, as widely known, are an excellent core workout. The dynamic plank variation chosen by David and Victoria Beckham, as shown in their shared video clip, puts your muscles to the test more than a regular static plank, says Danny Saltos, a National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer based in Los Angeles who runs Train with Danny.

Imagine your body in a plank position being a table, suggests Saltos. Removing one leg destabilizes the “table,” causing the rest of the body to work harder. (The same muscles used in a static plank - including the core, shoulders, back, glutes, hamstrings, and quads - are activated but have to work more in this movement.) In a nutshell, practically every muscle in your body is working, but they're pushed to their limits.

The Beckhams raised the bar further using a BlazePod flash reflex training system. This system has “pods” or light-up buttons seen on the floor between the Beckhams in David’s recent Instagram post which can be controlled through an app on any smart device. These "pods" sync with exercises and challenges set up by BlazePod providing visual cues to go along with workouts such as the plank competition shown by the couple.

BlazePod's platform, according to Simon Jacobs, the head of education and professional development at BlazePod, integrates mental and physical exercise to attain performance goals more effectively. It adds an element of fun and motivation to your training routines, Jacobs asserts.

You don't need to splurge on new technology, however, to enjoy the benefits of a dynamic plank workout with a partner. You could use medicine balls or dumbbells labeled with different letters that your workout partner can call out for you to tap. This mimics the movement and mental engagement of the Beckhams' workout, according to Saltos.

Including a partner or friend in your training can make it more enjoyable and varied, says Saltos. "Exercise can sometimes be quite solitary," he points out. "While it is therapeutic for many, introducing the element of another person brings accountability. It’s exhilarating and injects a competitive aspect into it," he adds. "It just adds that extra zing."

If you're seeking to spice up your plank workouts, bring in a partner and incorporate a dynamic, cognitive dimension to your session. The Beckhams' example certainly makes it seem appealing.

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