Why Drew Barrymore Cut Out Alcohol — Plus, More Healthy Habits She's Prioritizing

The actress shares how's she's prioritizing healthy habits in a new interview.

Drew Barrymore, renowned actress and talk show host, finds solace in therapy amidst the frequent stress of the festive season. She recently discussed her therapeutic routines with Shape while endorsing her association with Quorn, a company known for its eco-friendly, meat-free protein substitutes. "My weekly therapy sessions are an absolute must," she disclosed. When times get tough, Drew resorts to meditation. "A quick 20-minute meditation can make a significant difference. But for anyone who struggles to find those 20 minutes or lacks the discipline to meditate, I can completely relate," she empathizes. For her, therapy holds paramount importance. She suggests finding a therapist who can challenge you and aid in resolving issues and breaking repetitive patterns. For the past three-and-a-half years, one such pattern that Drew has been working on is abstaining from alcohol. However, she isn't following any particular program to maintain sobriety. "I've simply eliminated something that was leading to constant undesirable behavior," she explains. While staying away from alcohol during the holiday season might be tricky for many, it's quite manageable for her. "Drinking is far more challenging for me than not drinking," she admits. The experience of transformation can be liberating from the narrative of being 'a broken, stuck person.' Nowadays, she often relishes non-alcoholic beers and mocktails while socializing. "I keep alcohol at my home; I serve drinks to people," she adds. "It's a very serene, self-assured process." She still enjoys partying with her pals, and the holiday season doesn't trigger her. Thankfully, she shares.

Drew Barrymore on cutting out alcohol

At present, Barrymore finds immense value in her friendships, both for relaxation and for making healthy life choices. She confesses, "Unless my friends join me in regular workouts, I easily lose all motivation. When given a choice, I wouldn't workout. But if it involves hanging out with my friends, I'll definitely do it. It’s great to spend time together while engaging in something that's healthy and beneficial."

She goes on to describe her love for varied exercise routines that include dance, cardio, weights, and barre, which keep her engaged and interested. She states, "I tend to lose interest when things become too routine. However, a mix of activities accompanied by some good music can be quite entertaining."

Pilates is the latest addition to her workout regimen, an exercise method endorsed by numerous celebrities like Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Bell, among others. Barrymore observes, "As you age, Pilates becomes more crucial for your body. The movements are minute yet intriguing, and the impact can be felt the subsequent day, making you stronger.”

Barrymore admits that consistency in exercising is an area she struggles with. She adds, “Finding an exercise method that brings joy makes maintaining regularity in workouts much easier for me."

Drew Barrymore on exercising with friends

As an actress, Barrymore finds it hard to maintain a strict exercise regimen. Yet, she is more disciplined when it comes to her diet. Raised as a vegetarian, she kept up with this dietary preference until her late twenties. Although she now includes some meat in her diet, she identifies herself as a "flexitarian" and hasn't consumed chicken for the past 15 years. Barrymore admits that her dietary journey mirrors many other people's experiences - it's a bit haphazard. This similarity in dietary journeys influenced her decision to collaborate with Quorn, a company specializing in vegan and vegetarian food products. She believes in making such alternatives readily available, affordable, and easy to find and prepare. This way, more people can explore and integrate these options into their diets. Barrymore encourages those considering vegan or vegetarian diets (especially during Veganuary) to take the leap. According to her, there has never been a better time for such a dietary transition.

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