Drew Barrymore's Mental & Physical Wellness Plan

The multi-hyphenate opens up about how she practices self care despite years of putting herself on 'the back burner' and juggling a non-stop schedule.

Renowned actress, producer, television host, writer, and beauty entrepreneur Drew Barrymore has a jam-packed schedule, making it challenging to carve out some personal time for self-care. The mother of two young girls admits that she feels like she's always juggling multiple tasks at once. "I am constantly feeling as if I'm burning the candle at both ends," says Barrymore in an interview with Shape. "With my professional commitments and parental responsibilities taking precedence, I often find myself on the back seat of my life, but that's how I've chosen to prioritize." This hectic lifestyle is nothing new for the 47-year-old star who has been a part of the entertainment industry since her infancy. In fact, Barrymore jokingly mentions that she was in the industry when she was "literally in diapers — not even a euphemism". She started her career with a dog food commercial at the tender age of 11 months, made her first film appearance at the age of four, and rose to stardom with her role in E.T. when she was just six years old, according to E!.

drew barrymore on her current wellness routine

Even though Barrymore has had a hectic schedule since her young years, she never overlooks the importance of wellness. The current focus of the talk show host is on adopting a mindset that leans towards positivity - a change which would not only require any physical contribution but also could be incredibly beneficial. "My current wellness routine revolves around concentrating on mental wellbeing, spiritual evolution, enlightened thinking and reactions," she remarks. "I'm avoiding blowing things out of scale and I'm refraining from being excessively critical towards myself." The effectiveness of optimistic thinking is substantial and offers tangible benefits mainly because it is rooted in realism. Developing a positive perspective is not just about believing everything will turn out fine; it involves actively striving to bring about positive changes and planning around the possible obstacles for things to go right, according to Hilary Tindle, M.D., author of Up: How Positive Outlook Can Transform Our Health and Aging. As a result, people with an optimistic mindset experience less stress, lower chances of depression, decreased risk of chronic diseases, and more. Changing one's thought process towards positivity might be challenging, yet Barrymore confesses she fears the opposite. "I've always been harsh on myself and I fear continuing to live on this planet without silencing the voice within me that criticizes persistently," she shares. (Refer also: How Negative Self-Talk Could Be Harming Your Health — Here's How to Stop)

Maintaining her mental health is a top priority for celebrated actress Drew Barrymore, together with finding balance in her diet and indulging in her favorite foods. Recently, she took on the role of chief mom officer at Quorn, a brand that specializes in creating meat substitutes using mycoprotein for vegans and vegetarians. This soy-free protein is derived from fermented fungi, says the company's website. "I've been chicken-free for 13 years," she states, adding, "I was brought up vegetarian, experimented a bit, then read a book titled 'Eating Animals' by Jonathan Safran Foer. I never touched chicken again after that. But I still craved it as a fundamental protein." With mycoprotein imitating the texture and flavor of meat while being just as versatile, Barrymore can now savor dishes typically containing chicken without actually eating the bird, yet still fulfill her protein needs. Ultimately, what makes Barrymore's wellness routine so compelling is its authenticity and relatability. Life often gets busy, making it difficult to prioritize our physical and mental health. She may not have ample time for self-care, but she confesses that her current regime has been transformational. "My posterior may be bigger, but my heart feels lighter, clearer, and my mind is in a very positive place," she concludes.

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