Watch Dua Lipa Nail a Headstand Yoga Pose with Ease

Yoga instructors explain the benefits of doing a headstand with tips for how to try one.

Award-winning pop sensation Dua Lipa has demonstrated her many talents, not just as a singer and songwriter, but also as a yogi. The 26-year-old shared an insight into her recent weekend via Instagram, which comprised of selfies, images of her companions, mouth-watering food photos, along with a short video showcasing her ability to do a yoga headstand. In the video clip (visible on the fourth slide of her photo collection), the back of the "Levitating" artist is turned towards the lens. The position involves placing her head and forearms securely on the ground, hips elevated, and feet touching the surface. Gradually, she maneuvers her feet closer to her head and lifts one foot off the ground, shortly followed by the other. With commendable strength and balance, Lipa manages to maintain the headstand position for several moments before gently returning her legs to their original position.

This isn't the first time Lipa showcased her strength and yoga skills for the 'gram. In another video posted in March, the "Don't Start Now" singer demonstrated a crow pose, which involves balancing on your hands with your shins resting on your upper arms and your feet lifted in the air. After getting into the pose, Lipa manages to get her head on the ground from that position and effortlessly (or so it appears) picks up both feet to flow through a headstand pose. (

Dua Lipa's recent photo depicting an effortless headstand pose isn't just for social media aesthetics; it boasts a plethora of mental and physical advantages. "Yoga inversions such as headstands can immensely benefit your well-being," states Jeannine Morris Lombardi, a yoga teacher based in New Jersey. "Inversions stimulate enhanced blood and oxygen flow to the brain due to gravity, thereby potentially improving mental function if practiced long enough — ideally seven minutes for optimal impact — on a daily basis." Besides stimulating mental acuity, it may also play a role in boosting vitality and alertness, she adds. Research has even hinted at a correlation between specific yoga poses and heightened energy and self-confidence. For yoga enthusiasts wanting to attempt the headstand, Lombardi recommends initiating with a wall-supported variant. First, set up a mat close to a wall and assume a table pose. Interlock your fingers, resting the top of your head between your hands onto the floor while laying your forearms flat. Maintain your elbows width apart at shoulder distance. While applying pressure on the ground with your forearms, move your feet nearer to your hands, ensuring your shoulders remain directly over your elbows. "[Next], one knee at a time, draw your legs into your chest. Continue exerting downward pressure with your forearms as you lift your legs upward towards the ceiling." When your legs are elevated, engage your core for stability. "Mastering a headstand necessitates substantial core strength," she emphasizes. Headstands, although exciting, may not be suitable for everyone. "Avoid these if you suffer from injuries to the neck or spine, glaucoma, or are pregnant," advises Lombardi. Furthermore, possessing a thorough understanding of basic yoga principles is crucial before advancing to complex poses like headstands to prevent injury. Undeniably, performing a headstand demands considerable skill and consistent practice. If you're up for the challenge and regularly practice yoga, remember to maintain patience and focus on your breathing. With time, you'll surely reap the rewards and maybe even generate some remarkable Instagram content similar to Lipa.

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