Emily Skye Got Real About Her Post-Partum Baby Blues

Unanticipated feelings of desolation post-childbirth hit her when she least expected it. It's a reality for approximately 15 percent of fresh mothers who suffer from Postpartum depression, while a milder and shorter variant, known as "baby blues", is experienced by roughly around 80 percent of new moms. The National Institute of Mental Health categorizes baby blues as an emotional state characterized by worry, sadness, and exhaustion that numerous women undergo after delivering a baby.

Contrary to postpartum depression, which typically calls for medical intervention, symptoms associated with baby blues usually dissipate in about one or two weeks without any treatment. Despite the vast number of women undergoing these emotions, very few openly discuss it. This silence can be attributed to the societal stigma surrounding mental health issues and the societal expectation for women to exhibit joyousness right after childbirth.

Fitness trainer and influencer Emily Skye is among the countless new mothers whose emotional state altered after delivery. She decided to divulge her experiences to shed light on this common yet under-discussed issue.

In a follow-up, Skye encouraged her followers not to be ashamed to seek out help for their own mental health issues. "If you feel unhappy - whether it's the baby blues, postal natal depression, or any type of depression or anxiety - you are NOT unusual or alone," she wrote in a post on her Instagram story.

"Emily Skye recently shared her personal encounter with 'baby blues' on Instagram. She admitted that despite having heard of postpartum depression, she couldn't fathom experiencing it herself. However, after giving birth to her daughter Mia, Skye found herself grappling with sleep deprivation and uncontrollable emotional outbursts. She confessed to spending numerous days in tears for no discernible reason and dealing with body image issues. Despite the initial struggle, Skye found solace in physical activity. She stated that getting back into her fitness routine made her feel more like herself and gave her a natural high, something she hadn't experienced in four months. Skye's post emphasized the therapeutic benefits of exercise in coping with life's challenges, and her transparent discussion about her postpartum experience serves as an enlightening perspective for other women going through similar experiences."

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