Gabrielle Union's Makeup Artist Uses the Dermaflash Luxe Dermaplaning Tool

If you haven't joined the dermaplaning club yet, this will convince you to try it.

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Renowned actress and author, Gabrielle Union-Wade, turned heads at the Billboard Music Awards with her radiant appearance. Her makeup artist, Fiona Stiles, disclosed on Instagram that Union's stunning look was achieved using a range of Giorgio Armani Beauty products. However, the cornerstone of Union's flawless skin wasn't just high-quality makeup, but an effective pre-makeup routine involving the Dermaflash Luxe dermaplaning tool (Buy It, $199, This revelation comes after the launch of Union's affordable hair care line. For those unacquainted, dermaplaning is a beloved technique among celebrity makeup artists for its immediate skin brightening effects and aid in makeup application. The process employs a dermaplaning tool, typically fitted with a single-edge blade that delicately removes dead skin cells, buildup, and fine facial hair from your face surface, promoting a smoother complexion.

The Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up Multipurpose Dermaplaning Tool (Buy It, $5 for 3, is a basic blade with a handle for at-home dermaplaning. However, the Dermaflash Luxe offers an additional feature of two vibration speeds. This extra element enhances exfoliation while facilitating hair removal. The result is an instantly smoother skin that provides an ideal base for makeup application and better absorption of skincare products, boosting their potency. Discover more on selecting the best facial exfoliator for your skin type.

Dermaplaning is suitable for all skin tones, unlike other treatments like laser hair removal. This economical home remedy takes only minutes to perform. The Dermaflash Luxe comes with a cleanser, moisturizer, and four replacement blades, further enhancing its efficiency and safety. How to use it? Wash your face first. Then, stretch the skin with one hand and hold the tool with the other. Make sweeping strokes from the hairline towards the nose.

Be sure to avoid sensitive areas around the eyes and lips. Each blade should be used just once to maintain hygiene. Avoid dermaplaning if you have acne as it could spread bacteria across your face, potentially causing more pimples. However, regular dermaplaning can help prevent breakouts by removing dead skin cells and impurities from the skin surface. It's safe to do this treatment once a week.

Purchase It: Dermaflash Luxe Dermaplaning Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal Device, $199, ulta.comRest assured knowing dermaplaning won't make your hair grow back denser if you're apprehensive because fear of a five o'clock shadow is holding you back. Women typically don't produce enough testosterone (a hormone that promotes hair growth) to develop coarse facial hair; the hair will return in the same color and thickness as before.If you'd like to give it a shot but aren't ready to part with $200 on Stiles' celebrity-endorsed gadget, there are less expensive alternatives. Numerous cost-effective dermaplaning tools are available, including this $4 option, rated as one of the top face razors for women. Furthermore, the previously mentioned Schick Hydro Silk has amassed over 80,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.Glowing, radiant skin isn't just reserved for red-carpet occasions. Be encouraged by Union and incorporate dermaplaning into your skincare routine, even if it's just to flaunt amazing skin while rewatching Union in Bring It On from your couch for the umpteenth time.

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