You'll Get the Chills Watching Gabrielle Union Teach Daughter Kaavia About Self-Love On TikTok

As one commenter put it, Union's video gives off "Pixar movie" vibes.

Hollywood is no stranger to adorable mother-daughter pairs, and the dynamic duo of actress Gabrielle Union and her daughter Kaavia certainly tops the list. From matching swimsuit shoots by the pool to outdoor photo sessions widely shared on Instagram, Union's radiant smile is ever-present when she's with her cute toddler. The 48-year-old movie star recently took to social media to share a heartwarming video in which she imparts lessons of self-love to her two-year-old.

The engaging TikTok clip posted by Union captures the pair enjoying some pool time, during which Union points out her beauty spots. "Mommy has a lot of moles," Union mentions, directing attention to the marks gracing her face. Kaavia innocently retorts that she doesn't have a mole, but Union gently corrects her saying she does have a couple. When Kaavia insists they're on her face, Union lovingly clarifies that it's actually her lips she's referring to.


Union, while pointing towards a mole on Kaavia's foot, asserts, "It's not causing any harm, leave it as it's a part of you," Union continues, "It's a mole of Kaav." The end of the video witnesses Kaavia and Union cherishing their moles with merriment. "Yes! We got moles!" expresses Union in excitement.

The video that Union titled, "Educating her to embrace every aspect of herself," has astonishingly garnered 9 million views (!) on TikTok and still counting. Union also received sweeping praise in the comments section for posting this uplifting clip, along with viewers sharing their personal stories. A viewer commented, "My mom referred to my freckles as kisses from angels and I still hold them dear because she said so," while another one posted, "This lesson means everything. Exceptional parenting."


Union and her adorable daughter Kaavia have captured hearts on TikTok with their charming self-love message. This heartwarming video also caught the attention of Alyssa Milano, who reposted it on her own TikTok profile and expressed her affection for Union, little Kaavia and their delightful moles. As one TikTok user rightly mentioned, the duo's endearing clip is akin to a "Pixar movie", complete with its wholesome soundtrack. This video serves as a genuine reminder of the importance of self-acceptance, something viewers can revisit time and again.source

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