Gina Rodriguez Interview About Diet, Health, and Fitness

The Jane the Virgin star tells us what keeps her energized, motivated, and grounded.

Fans of "Jane the Virgin" would be delighted to know that Gina Rodriguez, the lovable actress who plays Jane, is actually quite similar to her character in real life. She has this undeniable tenacity which was evident in her Golden Globes speech in 2015 where she firmly declared, "I can and I will". However, this drive doesn't overshadow her profound gratitude for the women who have supported and uplifted her. She credits them as instrumental to her success. Not only that, Rodriguez has a deep-seated passion for her community. If you need proof, just watch her rapping to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Even amidst personal challenges like Hashimoto's disease, her taxing work schedule, and rigorous Muay Thai training sessions, Rodriguez still knows the importance of taking time to unwind. She deeply values moments of relaxation that involve good company, nourishing food and beverages. As part of the "Host One to Remember" series by Stella Artois, we had an engaging conversation with Rodriguez about her life, career, and her passion projects. You're sure to gain some valuable insights from the beloved star of Jane.

Female relationships are really freakin' important.

The essence of Jane is not the sardonic narrator or the gripping storyline; it's the unshakeable bonds between the female protagonists, especially Jane, her mother, and her grandmother. Gina shares a similar sentiment: "Those familiar with my disposition understand that I highly value my ladies and the empowering women surrounding me, who have opened numerous doorways for me and paved the path to where I am," she affirms. "Growing up, I was enveloped by inspiring women, they are unquestionably the reason why I stand where I am today."

There's an unexpected downside to dieting.


Embracing body positivity can bring a sense of liberation as it eliminates the constant worry and stress generally associated with maintaining a strict diet or being overly conscious about one's weight," she expressed. "Such concerns should be replaced with the pursuit of personal passions and dreams." She further emphasized the importance of celebrating accomplishments with loved ones, which often involves indulging in food and drinks. "Achieving these dreams warrants enjoyment and relaxation, rather than worrying about the calorie intake," she adds.


Healthy foods keep her energy up.


Playing a role in Hashimoto's often leads to exhaustion, and certain intense scenes can be particularly draining," she explains. [Without revealing too much for those who are new to the series, there was an emotionally charged crying scene in the previous season that was especially challenging.] "Such demanding moments are part of the job, so I maintain my vitality by being mindful about my diet—increasing my intake of plant-based proteins and fiber." However, this doesn't mean she adheres to a rigid dietary regimen. "I lead an active lifestyle and eat nutritious foods, so I don't stress over indulging in a piece of pizza or a red velvet cupcake now and then."

Don't fight hate with hate.

"Hurt people hurt other people. I'm constantly striving to be more empathetic, so when someone says something that isn't kind, I try to picture the pain they're going through. The only time I've ever been mean to others is when I haven't slept or haven't eaten, so I can only imagine what someone is going through if they're being so mean."

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