Hailee Steinfeld Shares Her Fitness Routine and What She Eats On Tour

The singer/actress is no stranger to a demanding schedule, but she always makes time for a good sweat sesh—and self-care.

Despite the perception of eternal radiance and vivacity, renowned singer and actress Hailee Steinfeld admits to feeling drained due to her demanding schedule that includes global concerts, media appearances, and maintaining a personal life. However, on days when she feels low on energy, she draws motivation from her team and fans that are integral parts of her performances. Offstage, Steinfeld prioritizes mental and physical self-care to stay lively and avoid lethargy as far as possible. This includes participating in rigorous workout sessions with her father, who is also her trainer, before embarking on her tours. We managed to catch up with Steinfeld amidst her hectic tour to gain insights into how she remains at the top of her game.

How She Stays Cool In the Summer Heat


She can't praise Mission's cooling towels enough, the apparel and accessories brand she has recently allied with.

'It's not until you experience them that you truly appreciate their excellence,' she explains, having discovered them during dance rehearsals and now never forgetting to take them along for her road trips.

They are the go-to solution for her and her dancers as soon as they step off stage. Additionally, she adores spending time in the water, particularly when the temperature soars."

Her Workout Routine


Being on tour offers unique opportunities for workouts. Without realizing it, I engage in intense physical activities during performances and sound-checks. However, I never fail to dedicate time for additional exercises, even if it is a 15-minute stroll or a quick cardio session post-work. When hitting the gym, I enjoy varying my routine between the elliptical machine, cycling, running on the treadmill, and swimming. Even on an off-day, circuit training and kickboxing remain my go-to workouts. Though I am not overly fond of running, I incorporate it into my regimen.

The gym serves as a sanctuary for me. As soon as I plug in my headphones, I can disconnect from everything else. It becomes a comforting bubble, separating me from the outside world. Every gym session leaves me with a tranquil feeling and a sense of relaxation.


Her On-the-Go Self-Care Practices

"Carrying a comforting scent from home with you is incredibly soothing while on the road. I find that a simple candle can do wonders. Including a few cherished photographs of family and friends also helps. It's imperative to carve out some me-time during travels, even if it's just for a couple of hours. If possible, I indulge in a relaxing massage. Alternatively, a peaceful walk in a park helps me calm my mind and disconnect for a while. Being on tour often involves visiting new cities, which brings out the explorer in me. I think 'I may not get another opportunity to visit this city, so I should make the most of it.' However, I equally value the need to unwind and recharge during my free time."

What She Eats On Tour

"I don't really stick to anything too specific. There are different options wherever I go depending on which U.S. city or part of the world I'm in. But I eat pretty simple and clean for the most part, and when I'm on tour it's really a matter of making sure to have small meals throughout the day to keep my energy up."

How She Deals with Haters

"It's easy to get knocked down by comments. People share all kinds of opinions on you or who you are or what you wear or what kind of music you make-whatever. It's not easy to take that. I try to focus on the fact that I work hard to feel good and look good for me. It's about living for yourself and doing things that make you feel happy."

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