Ciara Dropped 60 Pounds in 4 Months with Dieting & Boxing

Our inspiring cover girl for Shape's September issue, the dynamic Ciara, has evolved significantly from her debut album Goodies in 2004. Just within the last year, the 29-year-old accomplished numerous feats including releasing her sixth studio album, starring in NBC's I Can Do That, embarking on a tour and embracing motherhood. She also sparked conversations with her relationship with Seattle Seahawks' quarterback Russell Wilson, often seen on her Instagram.

We had the opportunity to chat with the singer during her video shoot for "Dance Like We're Making Love". Here she shares her secret to staying resilient and maintaining her vision of success.

Talking about her experiences during pregnancy and post delivery, Ciara says, "When I was pregnant with Future, I quickly realized that you should never leave a pregnant woman hungry. When I felt hunger pangs, I turned into the Tasmanian Devil! I enjoyed all the delightful food this world offers. Post-delivery, I continued my eating habits even when I couldn't work out, leading to a gain of 60 pounds. However, the day doctors gave the approval to restart training, I was back on the treadmill. Initially, I began with two to three workouts daily. My routine included an hour-long training session with Gunnar [Peterson], followed by two additional cardio sessions. Coupled with a strict diet, I lost those 60 pounds in just four months through this rigorous regime and dedication."

Sharing her passion for boxing, Ciara adds, "My hour-long plyometric cardio circuit with Gunnar always encompasses elements of boxing. It's a comprehensive workout that tests your muscles, provides cardiovascular exercise and stimulates your mind. You need acute focus for boxing. After a few rounds, I feel empowered to take on the world."

Her approach to dieting: "Firstly, I allow myself some leniency. If I am following a strict dietary plan, at some point, I have to indulge in some French fries, a cheeseburger, pizza, Oreos and vanilla ice cream! I am also a staunch believer that hydrating adequately and cleansing your system forms a crucial part of the training regime. This definitely aided in my weight loss journey. I remind myself constantly that water is my medication and I must consume a gallon of it daily for optimal health." Her amusing diet philosophy: "'The food isn't disappearing.' Do you know those moments when it feels like you absolutely must have a dish of pasta instantly? During times when I'm trying to make healthier choices, I take a moment to question myself, Do you really need to binge on all this unhealthy stuff? It's not going anywhere and you can always eat it later if you still want it."

On achieving success: "I truly believe that if you put your goals in writing, speak them out loud, and work for them, they will happen."

For more from Ciara, pick up Shape's September issue, on newsstands August 18, and go behind the scenes at her cover shoot.

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