Iskra Lawrence Explains Why It's Good to Have "No Makeup" Days

The model shares why she likes to ditch all makeup from time to time.

Occasionally going without makeup provides a beneficial detox for your skin and can surprisingly boost your self-esteem, studies suggest. (For an added challenge, you could try posting a no-makeup selfie on Instagram. Iskra Lawrence, who is a body positivity advocate and AerieReal role model, regularly shares unfiltered selfies and believes in the power of candid posts. "Upon joining Instagram, I started sharing raw images coupled with sincere thoughts and emotions," expresses Lawrence. "At that point, none of the other models were doing this and I found my followers really resonated with it. This resulted in a unique, intimate bond that I still have with them.")

Even if you don't have Lawrence's 4 million follower base, your display of self-love might inspire a similar connection. By embracing your bare face and showing it off, you might move someone else to do the same. (Get inspired: Our Favorite No-Makeup Celebrity Selfies)

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