Jennifer Aniston Talks New Fragrance and Beauty Routine to De-Stress

We talked to the actress about her new fragrance Chapter One, inspired by her chill, California lifestyle—plus her other hacks for de-stressing.

Famed actress Jennifer Aniston exudes an air of approachability that makes one feel like she'd be your best friend if she wasn't one of Hollywood's biggest stars. Reminiscent of a regular person, she once revealed how her dress zipper broke between a movie premiere and the after party, following her earlier prophecy "Wouldn't it be horrible if this zip broke?!" Despite her star status, Aniston epitomizes the relaxed, Southern California vibe.

In alignment with that vibe, she decided to encapsulate this essence into a perfume and offer it to everyone. Although Aniston has been creating fragrances for several years, her latest creation, Chapter One, aims to capture "the effortless tranquility of her California lifestyle". This scent draws inspiration from various Californian landscapes including Malibu's seashores, the rocky outcrops of Joshua Tree National Park, and the lush vineyards of Napa Valley.

When enquired about the selection process for the fragrance notes, Aniston disclosed that a specific flower stimulated her creativity: "I've always been closely involved in the creative process for all of my fragrances, and I enjoy experimenting with what notes harmonize well together. From inception, there were a few essential aromas I was determined to incorporate. The Grapevine Flower is one of them. It's genuinely distinct and thrives throughout California's vineyards."

Aniston admitted that she is particularly attracted to this perfume because it "feels comfortingly familiar," adding a touch of sentimentality for her. "Scents transport me to different times and places." Naturally, the place it transports her to is her birthplace, California, where she has resided for many years.

Jennifer Aniston reveals how she maintains her inner peace and tranquil well-being. She has recently incorporated a new fragrance designed to enhance serenity. Meditation is part of her daily morning ritual which she religiously practices. A wellness must-have for Jennifer is utilizing an infrared sauna, a recommendation she received from her friend Courtney Cox. This sauna, which resembles a small igloo, is a standout in skin detoxification and cell rejuvenation. Jennifer states, "It's such a game changer... I've noticed a real change in my energy, and my sleep, and my skin." On Sundays, she dedicates time for at-home spa sessions where she treats herself to mini facials and hair treatments. Currently, she uses the hydrating Olaplex mask to retain moisture in her hair. Essential oils are also a significant part of her routine for relieving stress, with lavender being her favorite to use during bath times and massages. Her non-self-care self-care regime can be checked out next. Chapter One, which also comes as a home mist, is available in Kohl's stores this month.

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