Jennifer Garner Shared a Cinnamon Apple Muffin Recipe On Instagram

Garner modified an apple cinnamon bread recipe to create a delicious, portable snack.

Back with her popular #PretendCookingShow on Instagram, Jennifer Garner is delighting fans once again by turning a classic cinnamon apple cake into mouth-watering muffins. Garner’s series has been a hit for taking on TikTok food fads and traditional recipes alike while sharing every amusing kitchen calamity, including a near fire incident. In her latest video, Garner transforms Lindsay Ostrom (also known as Pinch of Yum)'s Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cake recipe into a muffin masterpiece. The mother of three gathers fresh apples from her own garden, casually chopping them up for the recipe. Following this, she mixes the remaining ingredients: brown sugar, oil, an egg, buttermilk, vanilla extract, baking soda, and flour. She ensures that these components are mixed in their listed order.

In this engaging video, Jennifer Garner prepares a batch of cinnamon apple muffins, adding a wholesome touch to your day. Despite being momentarily interrupted by hiccups while mixing her batter, she manages to keep the process going with a little humor. An off-screen voice suggests that she should close her eyes and sketch a pig, to which she playfully responds, "I believe I could perhaps sketch a pig." After this brief humorous interlude, she perseveres with her recipe, blending in apples and infusing her mixture with a hint of salt and cinnamon.

Garner doesn't hesitate to sample her batter - not just once, but twice - before transferring it into her prepped muffin tin. She accents each muffin with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar before letting them bake in the oven. The outcome is a tray of enticing, fluffy muffins that may have viewers salivating uncontrollably. And, of course, she rewards herself with one of these delightful treats, accompanied by a fresh fruit snack from Once Upon a Farm, a kid's food brand co-founded by her family. As she states in the video, "You can't deny that this makes an ideal little meal."

The choice of apple cinnamon flavor for her latest cooking demonstration isn't surprising. The pairing not only tastes divine in various foods like shakes and cookies, but it also carries substantial nutritional value. According to studies, the nutrients present in apples can help lower the risk of several cancers, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, and diabetes. Moreover, cinnamon is renowned for its health advantages, including blood sugar reduction, boosting anti-inflammatory properties, and safeguarding the heart by lowering blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels.

The video received a warm response, with followers expressing their admiration for Garner's delicious-looking cinnamon sugar apple muffins and sharing their personal hiccup remedies. Garner confirms in her caption that the muffins were as tasty as they appeared and the suggested remedy was effective. She writes, "We've discovered two things here! Firstly, a cure for hiccups is to hold your breath and draw a pig. Secondly, apple muffins are a delight any time."

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