Jennifer Garner's Full-Body Workout, Straight from Her Trainer

Her trainer, Beth Nicely, shared a full-body workout and the birthday tradition that's behind it.

Beloved Hollywood actress, Jennifer Garner, recently celebrated her 50th birthday on April 17. Her trainer, Beth Nicely, who is also the founder of The Limit, revealed their unique workout routine in an Instagram story for Shape. They have a special tradition where they perform the number of reps corresponding to the age one is turning," Nicely shared. Thus, with Jennifer turning 50, that means performing 50 reps of their regular exercises. These consist of plyometric box jumps, arm workouts involving strength training, and various plank variations. This combination of exercises forms a comprehensive full-body workout that guarantees a good sweat, regardless of your age.

Want to test out these exhilarating exercises yourself? Continue reading for a detailed breakdown of each celebrity-endorsed exercise and the advantages they offer. Here's a pro tip: Don’t wait until your birthday to try this workout. Use your age (or Jennifer's) as a guideline for the number of reps you should aim for each exercise and start moving. However, if you're a beginner to these exercises, Nicely suggests focusing more on maintaining correct form rather than the number of reps.

Jennifer Garner's Full-Body Birthday Burnout

Cardio Exercises

Initiating the exercise regimen with a series of dynamic plyometric movements, including box jumps on both legs, single-leg box hops, and box jumps with an oblique twist, is what Nicely does. Later in the session, she also includes equipment-free plyometric moves such as heel-click jump squats, star squats, tuck jumps, and skater moves that could be done with or without a weight.

Plyometric exercises are designed to include explosive movements and are often referred to as jump training. These exercises are known to enhance agility, speed, and jumping height. "There's a common apprehension about plyometrics having an adverse impact on their joints as people grow older," says Nicely, a NASM-certified trainer and corrective exercise specialist. However, she reassures that jumping is vital for maintaining bone health."

Strength-Training Exercises

Next, it's time for arm strength training. ICYMI, lifting weights has serious benefits, such as increased lean body mass and muscle definition, improved calorie burn, strengthened bones, increased flexibility, and more. For this circuit, Nicely demonstrates how to do sets of bent-over row, overhead presses, and alternating hammer shoulder presses. All you need to do them is a set of lightweight dumbbells. (

Core Exercises

With a focus on core engagement, Nicely incorporates a variety of plank exercises into the fitness routine. These planks are especially effective as they activate all major core muscles, including the rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, obliques, hips and back. Her workout includes plank jack shoulder taps, quadruped single-leg rows, as well as weighted sit-ups executed on a box (though these can be replicated on the ground without weights). She also integrates scapular contractions in a plank stance to target the upper thoracic spine and alternating elbow lifts in a plank position for increased mobility. The workout concludes with a series of reverse crunches. Even though 50 repetitions of each exercise may appear daunting, these movements can be gradually added into your exercise regimen, with an increase in reps as your comfortability grows. Meanwhile, Garner is likely already geared up to tackle 51 repetitions of each exercise that Nicely plans for her next year's session.

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