Jennifer Garner and Kerry Washington Shared the Beauty Words of Wisdom They're Passing Down to Their Children

The actresses and BFFs have developed some pretty poignant insight about feeling good in your own skin — and you might want to take notes.

Renowned Hollywood stars and mothers, Jennifer Garner and Kerry Washington, recently made headlines when they disclosed the valuable beauty counsel they intend to provide their children. Interestingly, it doesn't involve any trendy products or complicated skincare regimes. In a collective interview with Entertainment Tonight, these Neutrogena brand ambassadors discussed their latest campaign with the brand, which is committed to enhancing skin health equity awareness.

The actresses delved into how they strive for authenticity while raising their children amidst intense public scrutiny. They also revealed their personal perspectives on beauty and self-image that they wish to inculcate in their own offspring.

Garner expressed her desire for her kids to feel comfortable just the way they are. She stated that she wants her children to see themselves as beautiful as she sees them. Garner is a mother to Violet, 16, and Seraphina, 13, and son Samuel, 9, from her previous marriage to Ben Affleck. Washington, on the other hand, shares Isabelle, 7, and Caleb, 5, with her spouse, Nnamdi Asomugha. She is also a stepmother to Asomugha's daughter from a prior relationship.

In terms of beauty advice, both Garner and Washington drew from their experiences with their own mothers. Garner relayed the advice her mother gave her: to spend less time looking in the mirror. The award-winning actress believes in focusing more on what one can do for others rather than constantly scrutinizing oneself in the mirror. According to her, this outward focus not only enhances one's feeling of prettiness but also improves self-esteem.

Garner, in her previous interaction with Glamour, confessed that she values her mother's wisdom which emphasized more on 'living' than 'preaching.' Her mother's advice was to avoid focusing on the changes that come with age and rather embrace aging gratefully. Instead of contemplating your reflection in the mirror, invest time in imparting positive change in the world around you. Meanwhile, Washington gained strength from her mother's guidance, particularly as a young Black girl navigating through societal standards. Unlike Garner, for her, looking into the mirror was an act of affirming self-worth and mental fortitude. Growing up in communities of color, she learned the crucial lesson of recognizing beauty in her own reflection. This was especially important since society seldom projected such affirming messages. Hence, it was vital for her to imbibe this positivity from herself, family, and friends. Washington, who had suffered from eczema throughout her life, visited dermatologists frequently, almost like routine pediatric visits. Her mother ingrained the idea that taking care of one's skin is a priority. Her frequent dermatological visits were seen as necessary steps for her skincare. "She instilled the belief in me that I deserved to feel comfortable in my skin, regardless of how different, unique or troublesome I seemed," Washington added. To sum it up, regardless of whether you agree with looking at yourself in the mirror or not, it's imperative to remember that everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their skin. Whether they are unique, different, or have problematic skin, everyone has the right to feel good about themselves.

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