Watch Jennifer Garner Do a Plyometric Workout

See her high-energy moves and learn more about the benefits of plyometric exercises.

Jennifer Garner, known for her boundless vigor displayed on her Instagram page, never fails to impress with her affinity for rigorous workouts. A glance at her recent Instagram post gives a peek into her high-energy home workout routine. The caption read "Get in formation. #BansOffOurBodies," and was accompanied by videos of the actress acing through plyometric exercises, all set to the rhythm of Beyoncé's latest release, "BREAK MY SOUL." Garner is seen leaping onto two piled plyo boxes that are 30 inches tall, and later separates them for side-to-side box jumps. She then switches to a small trampoline for a jumping combo which incorporates a bent-knee handstand. (She even takes a short dancing break, spinning atop one of the plyo boxes.) In the concluding part of the video, the 50-year-old executes a series amalgamating a sit-up (her back on the mini trampoline) with hurdling over a Pilates box. The mere sight of these exercises can be draining, and Garner received a ton of praise from her followers for her efforts. Actress Viola Davis wrote, "Woooohoooo❤️❤️❤️," while singer Rita Wilson commented, "I can't even. I mean, I literally can't."

Garner's recent social media clips reveal her commitment to plyometrics, also known as explosive exercises that include jumping. Chris Ryan, a certified personal trainer with MIRROR and a lululemon ambassador, notes that while these high-intensity movements can be tough on the joints, they're designed to generate maximum force in minimal time. In addition to enhancing speed, agility, and athletic performance, these exercises are reported to boost bone mineral density. Renowned as the fitness guide for Garner, Beth Nicely explains why she includes plyometrics in the actress' workout regime. "Given Jen's fantastic physical condition, I enjoy designing methods to push her heart rate," said Nicely. She adds that the circuits performed on the box are not only demanding but also efficient, making the most of the actress's limited time and effort. Although Garner performs at an advanced level, those new to plyometrics might want to begin with simpler exercises than those depicted in Garner's recent post. After all, these workouts are meant to be enjoyed rather than endured. So, remember to pace yourself if you're new to this type of exercise.

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