Here's Exactly How to Do Jessica Alba's Full-Body Workout

Plus, the actress and entrepreneur's personal trainer shares more about Alba's fitness routine.

Hollywood personalities have some of the finest fitness coaches at their disposal. Thus, when they divulge their exercise regimens, it's a cue for workout enthusiasts to pay attention. Jessica Alba recently took to Instagram to share her current fitness routine. She not only posted clips from her recent training session, but also provided a comprehensive tutorial for a full-body circuit by her personal trainer, renowned fitness professional Ramona Braganza. Fitness buffs will certainly want to try this for themselves. The Instagram video commences with Alba, donning a coordinated red gym outfit, gearing up in spin shoes. She gets on an exercise bike for a 30-minute cardio warm-up under the guidance of SoulCycle coach Claire Jones, as indicated in her caption. Subsequently, she employs a TRX Suspension Trainer for standing rows, leveraging her bodyweight for resistance. As per Braganza, who has intermittently trained Alba since 1999, this is an excellent back exercise that helps engage stabilizing muscles courtesy of the suspension tool. The next phase involves Bulgarian split squats with a minor jump on both legs on a bench. The elevated difficulty level of this lower-body workout is enhanced further by the jump. "Incorporating a plyometric jump to the Bulgarian split squat facilitates power training in the legs," explains Braganza. Alba then transitions to barbell chest presses, followed by crunches with sliders beneath her feet to intensely work the core muscles. The celebrity trainer states that using sliders increases abdominal engagement during planks as one needs to maintain constant connectivity with them. Additionally, sliders add a fun element to the workout. To conclude her session, Alba dedicates time for stretching exercises, flaunting her impressive flexibility as she performs a twisted wide-stance forward fold, bringing her head nearly onto her yoga mat. Alba, also an entrepreneur, effortlessly executes a plow yoga pose wherein she folds her torso and feet overhead while keeping her shoulders on the ground.

Emphasizing the significance of fitness in both physical and mental health, Alba works out consistently to alleviate stress from her busy schedule and to combat osteoporosis with resistance training, as stated by Braganza. It's important to note that osteoporosis is a condition that weakens the bones, increasing their susceptibility to fractures as stated by Mayo Clinic. This risk further amplifies in women as they age, however, weight-bearing exercises and movements fostering balance and good posture can minimize this risk.

Alba's entire workout video is attuned to Beyoncé's latest song, "BREAK MY SOUL," and she has shared insights about each performed move in her Instagram post's caption. "Here’s some #mondaymotivation ????‍♀️ I’ve been working hard with my trainer @ramonabraganza in an attempt to get back into my routine — it’s challenging, but we’re making progress!” Alba encouraged her followers to give the workout a shot. Here’s how you can replicate Alba’s celebrity-endorsed workout guided by her trainer.

Jessica Alba's Full-Body Workout Circuit

How it works: Do one set of the below exercises for the suggested reps. Take a rest break, then repeat the circuit two more times.

What you'll need: A TRX Suspension Trainer, a barbell, a bench, and sliders

TRX Rows

Initiate by aligning yourself in front of a TRX Suspension Trainer and clutch a handle in both hands, directing your palms towards each other. Position your shoulders down and back, shift your body weight onto your heels and lean in reverse until your arms are fully stretched out with your hands aligned with your chest.

Maintain the engagement of your core, keep your shoulders fixed, and your body linear, gradually bend your elbows to elevate your torso up to meet the handles.

Take some time to stretch out your elbows and lower your physique back to its initial position. This exercise should be repeated for 15 reps.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Position yourself in front of a bench with your feet slightly broader than the distance between your hips. Make a forward stride and then set your right foot on the bench behind you, letting your instep lie on its surface.

As you breathe in, move back into your hips and bend your left knee until both of your knees form 90-degree angles. Ensure you maintain an upright posture and avoid bending your back. You can optionally hinge at the hips to touch the ground when you're at the lowest point of the squat.

While breathing out, exert pressure through your left foot to straighten your leg and return to a standing position. Optionally, add a minor jump at the peak of the drive. Repeat this process for 15 reps on each leg, then switch sides and repeat.

Barbell Chest Press

Position yourself on a bench making sure your shoulders align with the bar. Your hands should be placed shoulder-width apart on the bar, with palms pointing outwards and feet steadily planted on the ground.

To begin, straighten your arms to lift the bar off its rack. Maintain the bar's position above your chest ensuring it doesn't sway forward or backward.

Gradually lower the bar until it lightly taps your lower chest area, allowing your elbows to drop below the bench level. Avoid bouncing the bar off your body.

As you breathe out, extend your arms to return to the initial position. Aim for a total of 10 repetitions.

Abs Crunch with Gliders

Begin in a tabletop stance with your hands placed directly beneath your shoulders, your knees bent and directly beneath your hips, your feet hip-width apart, and gliders underneath your toes. Elevate both knees from the floor and extend your legs to assume a high plank position on your palms, squeezing your buttocks together and engaging your core. This is your initial position.

Maintain your core engagement, pull both knees towards your chest, then push your feet sideways, downwards, and back up to your chest as if you're sketching a circle with your toes. That constitutes one repetition.

Perform this exercise 5 times. Reverse the direction and repeat.

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