Jessica Alba's Self-Care Routine During Quarantine

Your quarantine experience might have more in common with the star's than you think.

In the midst of quarantine over the past nine months, Jessica Alba has been juggling various roles - from managing her natural baby and beauty brand, The Honest Company, to spending quality family time, maintaining her fitness regime, and trying not to end each day with a large glass of wine. (Sounds familiar, doesn't it?) Keep reading to discover how she's navigating these challenging times and some valuable insights she's gained in this unprecedented year.

She starts every day with a face mask.


Beginning her day with a facial mask has become akin to a spiritual ritual for her," she shares with Shape. "I arise and apply my Prime and Perfect Mask (an Honest Beauty product) before I grab my morning coffee and start prepping the kids for their day. The mask takes about 10-15 minutes to dry, compelling me to take that essential 'me' time before removing it and applying my moisturizer (The Daily Calm Lightweight Moisturizer, another Honest Beauty gem)." For your information, Alba used this same mask as part of her pre-Oscars skincare regime which she revealed on Instagram.

The mask, she says, feels like a refreshing smoothie on her face - an essential wake up call for her skin. Infused with hydrating shea butter and loaded with antioxidants such as vitamin E and polyphenols, the mask is designed to nourish and rejuvenate weary skin.

The Honest Company Prime + Perfect Mask

She's learning not to take fitness too seriously.

Alba is relishing the increased time spent with her family due to unforeseen circumstances, including her husband, Cash Warren, and their children Honor, Hayes, and Haven. They've been keeping extraordinarily active together. "I've incorporated a lot of walks into my routine with my kids, my spouse, my parents, and now I've included friends," Alba shares. "It's truly beneficial as it isn't harsh on the body. You have the option to listen to podcasts or engage in conversation while getting a decent workout."

She has come to realize that fitness doesn't necessarily mean pushing yourself to extreme limits. A slow and steady approach can also lead to significant health benefits. "I have learned that you don't have to push yourself to the extreme for fitness, but you can actually take it slow and steady and your body will still reap those benefits from it," she adds. "I still break a sweat and experience all those fun aspects."

In addition to her routine strolls, Jessica Alba has also been incorporating High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into her fitness regimen. She often finds engaging workout sessions on YouTube that are family-friendly and encourages everyone to participate. "Occasionally, we'll follow along with a dance trainer's videos for some fun exercise," she shares. "We keep changing our activities since monotony can set in. My children often suggest trying out different trainers who seem enjoyable or body-positive." It's inspiring to see how effectively Jessica's endeavour to promote a positive body image is influencing her daughters.

She's trying to find a healthy balance.

Alba underscores the importance of adapting to aging by adopting healthier lifestyle habits. She and her spouse acknowledged their advancing age with the resolution to incorporate changes in their daily routines. Key among these is ensuring regular check-ups and creating more health-conscious habits.

Like many others, Alba's family turned to comfort food and beverages during the initial phase of quarantine, with banana bread, take-out meals, and wine becoming regular indulgences. However, the need for a healthier equilibrium has led them to reassess these choices recently, including a necessary reduction in alcohol consumption.

"We made the decision not to drink during the week," she explains. "This was significant considering how easy it was to enjoy a glass of wine every night during the pandemic." The realization that they were excessively indulging every day prompted this change. While initially, they justified their actions as supporting local restaurants, the daily intake of fried foods or extravagant desserts became a concern. This spurred the decision to adopt a healthier diet at least four days a week, limit alcohol, consume ample vegetables and lean meats, along with beneficial fats.

The allowance to indulge remains on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, ensuring a balanced approach rather than an extreme one. The new routine also places importance on regular fitness activities, compared to the earlier lack of physical exercise. This lifestyle shift adheres to the 80/20 dietary balance rule, emphasizing moderation and consistency rather than drastic changes.

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