Jessica Alba Got Zac Efron to Dance In an Epic New TikTok Video

Prepare to be compelled to bust a move after watching this video. Renowned Hollywood star, Jessica Alba, has gained significant popularity on TikTok, amassing more than 7 million followers who are eager to watch her content. Often, these videos are graced by the delightful presence of her children. However, in one of her most recent TikToks, she roped in another big name — Zac Efron. While Efron is a newcomer to the platform, his debut was nothing short of epic, all thanks to Alba. And if you're wondering what brand Jessica Alba opts for during intense workouts and TikTok dance-offs, we've got you covered.

On Wednesday, a video was posted on Jessica Alba's page showcasing her and Zac Efron demonstrating their dance skills while filming advertisements for Visit Dubai. Alba captioned the video, explaining how she managed to convince Efron to participate in a TikTok dance with her during their work on movie trailers for Dubai Tourism. The video has been watched an impressive 13.5 million times already. The same clip was also uploaded by Alba on her Instagram account where she commended Efron for his quick grasp of the dance steps.


Alba exclaimed on Instagram that the dance routine took her over an hour to master, while Zac picked it up in just two minutes. Interestingly, this was also his first ever TikTok. Social media users were amazed by Alba and Efron's performance, with some fans unable to resist replaying the clip. Model April Love Geary commented on Alba's Instagram post, stating that she couldn't stop watching the video. Similarly, Efron's younger brother Dylan expressed his admiration by saying: "Ayy still got it."

However, Alba and Efron are not the only celebrities showcasing their dance skills on social media platforms. Ashley Graham, an expectant mother of her second child, also recently displayed her dance moves on TikTok while adorned in lingerie. Meanwhile, Jenna Fischer tap danced to songs by Avril Lavigne on her Instagram Story in September last year. This sudden surge in celebrity dance videos might inspire many to join a dance cardio class. Here are four reasons why you should consider enrolling in one right away. Enjoy your dance sessions!


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