See Kate Upton Do an Impressive Aerial Yoga Pose

The 29-year-old actress and model shared a photo of her latest fitness feat on Instagram.

Renowned model and actress, Kate Upton, aged 29, is no stranger to sharing her fitness regimen on social platforms. Recently, she has taken to Instagram to upload a snapshot of herself in an impressive aerial yoga position. In the shared image, we can see Upton suspended mid-air in an inverted dancer's pose, supported by a sling-shaped hammock tucked under her lower back. Clad in matching purple sports bra and leggings, Upton reaches behind her back to hold her right ankle with both hands while maintaining a straight-arm stance.
Barely a few inches off the ground, Upton displays remarkable calm as she balances this precarious pose above a teal-colored yoga mat. The backdrop of natural wilderness adds to the aesthetic appeal of the photo. Her caption humorously suggests her growing comfort with the challenging workout routine—"I'm really getting the hang of this ?".

Get ready to be impressed by Kate Upton's amazing skills in aerial yoga, a workout that's worth capturing for social media while also providing numerous health benefits. Engaging in a single aerial yoga session that lasts for 50 minutes can give you cardiovascular effects similar to those of low to moderate-intensity exercises, says a study conducted in 2016 by the American Council on Exercise. Regular practice of aerial yoga over a six-week period led to an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in fat mass among participants, according to the findings of the study. The workout significantly targets your core muscles. Lindsey Duggan, who owns AIR Aerial Fitness located in Los Angeles, shared with Shape how being off the ground means you lose your point of stability, which prompts you to engage your core instantly even without realizing it. Moreover, aerial yoga can help improve your performance in traditional yoga poses that you find challenging when performed on a mat, such as inversions like headstands and forearm stands. "The silk wraps around you and provides support in certain difficult poses like inversions, letting you experience how a pose should ideally feel," said Duggan. The zero-impact nature of this workout makes it more joint-friendly compared to many other forms of exercise. One of the best aspects of aerial yoga is how enjoyable it makes switching up your fitness routine. If Upton's recent Instagram post has sparked your interest, you can join an aerial yoga class right away. However, if you're a beginner at yoga, it might be beneficial to first learn the basics before attempting to take your practice off the ground. If you're looking to start from zero, these essential yoga poses for beginners are worth checking out.

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