Watch Kate Upton Do Squat Jumps In the Pool (and More Tough Exercises)

Plus, see how she's mastered the art of the mid-workout nap.

Actress Kate Upton consistently demonstrates her dedication to fitness, showcasing a plethora of rigorous workout activities. She's engaged in airborne yoga, braved indoor mountain climbing, and pulled a sled with her personal trainer, Ben Bruno on board. Bruno recently shared additional footage of Upton's training sessions featuring pool exercises and 'mid-workout naps.' Bruno captioned his latest Instagram post mentioning Upton's innovative approach to workout, including the concept of 'mid-workout nap,' dubbing it as genius. Given Upton's increasing personal records in the gym, Bruno is contemplating adopting this novel approach for himself and his other clients. Upton encourages to "work hard, nap hard," emphasizing the importance of adequate rest and recovery in fitness routines.

"Persistently pushing the limits, Kate Upton shared a glimpse of her rigorous fitness routine via Instagram recently. The first segment features the actress expertly performing squat jumps in a pool with a buoyant barbell resting on her shoulders. It might seem undemanding, but aquatic workouts are intense. As explained by Igor Porciuncula, Boot Camp H20's cofounder, water provides considerable resistance. Exercising underwater engages more muscle fibers, facilitating faster calorie burning. Moreover, aquatic workouts are a type of low-impact cardio that raises heart rate while minimizing joint injury risk. Subsequently, Upton transitions to land for two-handed landmine presses. With one end of the barbell secured to the floor, she holds the other end, pressing it forward while maintaining slight knee flexion for support during this shoulder-strengthening exercise. She then takes on hamstring body curls featuring a loaded barbell. Starting in a bridge pose, Upton’s shoulder blades rest on a large slider as a barbell lies on her elevated hips and bent knees. She slides back, focusing on heel contact as she extends her legs, keeping her lower back raised. Retracting her knees, she returns to the starting position. As Bruno mentions, these hamstring body curls are challenging even for seasoned athletes. Amidst these strenuous exercises, Upton is seen attempting a standing nap between her landmine press sets. Further footage displays her resting during hamstring body curls, barbell still positioned atop her hips. Quipping about her 'little nap', she highlights the importance of sleep for recovery. However, it would be advisable to save the snooze for post-workout."

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