Kerry Washington Tries Roller Skating In a Funny "Instagram vs. Reality" Video

Embracing the recent fitness trend that has swept through during lockdown, which is roller skating, Kerry Washington, the well-known celebrity from Scandal, has also tried to master this retro activity. She shared her experiences on Instagram, which reflects the authentic difficulties a beginner faces while learning to skate.

She posted contrasting videos side-by-side on Instagram, labeling them as "Instagram vs. reality", which effectively portrays the real challenges of roller skating. In one video, Oumi Janta, a professional skater who went viral on social media and is considered as Washington's "roll model", can be seen flawlessly moving on her skates. Meanwhile, the other video features Washington giving her utmost effort to replicate Janta's smooth moves.

Much like the rest of the internet this past summer, Washington was mesmerized by Janta's flawless skating vibes on social media. Back in July, Washington retweeted a clip of Janta on skates, writing, "Is she teaching zoom classes for [roller skating]??? Because I'd like to sign up. Also. I think I wanna buy some skates. Should I go in-line or classic 4 wheels?!?!?!"

It's evident that Washington has opted for a vibrant set of Impala quad skates, which are currently among the most sought-after roller-skate brands. Despite appearing to experience more tumbles than Janta, she radiates joy in her Instagram posts. Regardless of whether your skating adventures resemble Washington's or Janta's, roller skating can serve as an "exceptionally effective endurance, strength, and muscle toning workout," says Beau Burgau, C.S.C.S., strength coach and founder of GRIT Training. The exercise primarily strengthens the lower body, encompassing areas such as the quads, glutes, hip flexors, and lower back while also engaging the core. "Your core provides stability, which consequently enhances balance, control, and coordination," explained Burgau. Furthermore, skating is an excellent low-impact cardio, offering aerobic benefits with diminished injury risks compared to other cardiovascular exercises like running. However, it's the mental and physical advantages of skating that particularly appeal to Janta, an instructor at Berlin's Jam Skate Club. She expressed to The Cut, "Skating has transformed my movement significantly. I've always enjoyed dancing, but roller-skating has deepened my connection with my body."

"Engaging in roller skating can be likened to mastering a new skill, as it demands a synchrony between mind and body," conveyed Burgau during his conversation with Shape. "Unlike walking or running which are instinctive actions, roller skating needs to be consciously learned. This keeps you anchored in the present moment, making it an effective way to cultivate mindfulness." Hence, irrespective of whether you're smoothly cruising like Janta, or grappling to maintain your balance like Washington, roller skating provides a brilliant opportunity to stimulate both your mental and physical faculties. (Take a peek here for the best roller skates.)

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