Khloe Kardashian Posted a Jump Rope Workout On Instagram and It's Insane

Renowned for her fitness dedication, Khloé Kardashian regularly shares glimpses of her intense workout routines on social media. Her recent Instagram story featured a grueling workout designed by her trainer, Don Brooks, also known as Don-A-Matrix, that includes thousands of jump rope repetitions.

Jumping rope is a high-intensity exercise that engages the entire body, strengthening not just the arms, legs, and glutes, but also improving agility and enhancing ankle mobility. Regularly jumping rope can fortify your joints, potentially reducing the risk of lower leg injuries, according to Nick Poulin, CEO and founder of Poulin Health & Wellness in New York City.

In her Instagram story, Kardashian described the grueling structure of this hour-long workout session: "This guy has me doing 500 jump rope swings, and every 500 we have to do a [set] of a workout," she shared. The reality star mentioned that the goal was to reach a total of 6,000 jumps, implying twelve sets in total. Additionally, she emphasized her commitment to preparing her body before these demanding sessions, explaining she performs 20-30 minutes of cardio as a warm-up. The practice of circuit training workouts like Kardashian's offers a multitude of benefits.

Kardashian recently unveiled a glimpse into her intense jump rope workout routine on social media. Despite the rigorous nature of the regimen, she did not shy away from it. In addition to her jump rope sets, she shared footage of some strength training exercises she performed in between. One of these was a push-up variation coupled with dumbbell renegade row. To increase difficulty, one of her arms was placed on a push-up handle resting atop a step platform, increasing the workload for her other arm performing the row. Kardashian candidly mentioned in her post that at this halfway point, her arms were already exhausted. However, there was more to come. She moved on to complete 20 reps of incline dumbbell pullover followed by 20 reps of close-grip presses. Given that close-grip presses target the triceps and forearms, it's safe to say her arms must have been reaching their limits by this stage. Lastly, she demonstrated another unique exercise from her workout routine. This involved lying back on a Bosu ball positioned on an incline bench while gripping the handles of a resistance band anchored behind her. She then performed a complex move that combined rocking back onto the bench, standing up in a squat position, and extending her arms forward simultaneously. In spite of the herculean task of alternating these strenuous exercises with sets of 500 jumps, Kardashian proved she was game for the challenge. Even though she confessed there were more parts of the workout, fatigue prevented her from sharing them all.

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