The Best At-Home Kickboxing Workout

Thanks to this kickboxing workout, you can channel your inner fighter and develop fierce skills without leaving your house.

The Ultimate Home Kickboxing Workout

Kickboxing workouts are not only an engaging and exciting cardiovascular option, but they also offer numerous additional benefits. They help build strength, stability, and body awareness, according to certified personal trainer and kickboxing coach Nancy Chen. "Kickboxing requires you to utilize your core and maintain balance during kicks," she says. She also adds that it tests your mobility. (There are many more reasons why boxing needs to be on your radar.) If running on the treadmill seems tedious, these exercises provided by fitness expert and certified kickboxing coach Jessica Smith and demonstrated by Chen could be a refreshing change. Chen recommends a thorough warm-up before starting as kickboxing involves mobility and balance. This ensures safe execution of moves without causing any strains or pulls. Don't get disheartened if you stumble initially as these kickboxing drills are meant to physically and mentally challenge you. "Enjoy the process!" says Chen. Instruction: Execute each kickboxing drill demonstrated by Chen consecutively without rest. After completing the last move, take a 1 to 2-minute break and then repeat the entire circuit. Requirement: Adequate free space for safe execution of punches and kicks in the air.

Jab, Cross, Duck, and Switch

Ready yourself in a stance where your feet are at shoulder's width, left foot ahead, and arms protecting your chin with elbows folded and clenched fists. Then, thrust forward with a left jab, rotating your fist downwards but without locking your elbow. Following this, throw a right cross, turn your right hip into the punch while lifting your right heel off the ground and then return to the guard position.

Immediately after, push your hips backwards swiftly, squat down, leap up and switch the positions of your legs mid-air, landing with your left foot in front. Without skipping a beat, replay the entire lineup on the other side. Maintain this routine, alternating sides, for 60 seconds.

Speedbag Shuffle

Maintain a light and agile stance for this engaging kickboxing workout routine. Ensure your feet are hip-width apart, and your arms are held up in front of you, with your hands clenched into fists and elbows pointing sideways. Keep alternating hops onto each foot, lightly tapping the opposite foot on the ground in front of your body. Simultaneously, move your arms rapidly in a circular motion as if you are hitting a speed bag. Continue this hopping and arm movement at a brisk pace for 30 seconds to complete the drill. This exercise is not only invigorating but an effective way to improve agility and coordination.

Boxer's Shuffle

Improve agility and speed with this quick-switch kickboxing workout move.

A. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, left foot forward, and arms on guard.

B. Shuffle in place for 2 counts, shifting weight from front foot to back foot. Then quickly jump and switch to the other side, landing with right foot forward.

C. Shuffle in place for 2 counts and switch back.

Continue for 30 seconds.

Back Kick and Knee Strike

Get your lower body and core ready for an intense kickboxing combination. You should have a solid understanding of the four primary kicks before attempting this. Here are the steps:

A. Begin with your feet positioned shoulder-width apart, your left foot ahead, and your arms prepared.

B. Pull your right knee into your chest, then straighten your right leg out behind you, applying pressure through your right heel while keeping your foot flexed.

C. Slightly bend your right knee and gently place your right foot back on the ground.

D. Immediately, bend your right knee again and thrust it up in front of your chest, pushing your hips forward.

Execute these moves continuously for 30 seconds. Then swap sides and repeat the sequence.

Jumping Rope

Engaging in a jump rope routine serves as an excellent cardiovascular exercise that also enhances one's coordination and boosts bone density, making it a common feature in any kickboxing regimen. Don't worry if you don't own a jump rope: You can simply imitate the motion by spinning your arms and bouncing on the spot.
A. Position yourself with your arms resting by your sides, each hand clutching a jump rope handle, feet joined together, and with the rope laid out on the floor behind your heels.
B. Propel yourself upwards by pushing off your toes to initiate a jump, simultaneously swinging the rope quickly over your head. Maintain a steady hopping motion while maneuvering your arms to swing the rope from under your feet to above your head.
Keep up with this for 30 seconds.

Wide-Stance Squat Thrust with Push-Up

Engage your whole body and boost your heart rate with this cardio-focused kickboxing drill which serves as a variation of the conventional burpee.

  1. Start by positioning yourself such that your feet are placed wider than the width of your shoulders. Your knees should be slightly bent and toes turned outwards at an approximate 45-degree angle. Bring your arms up in a defensive position, ensuring your hips align under your shoulders.
  2. Engage a hip bend and place your hands casually on the ground beneath your shoulders.
  3. Follow up by springing both feet backward into an elevated plank position while maintaining core engagement.
  4. Bend your elbows gradually to lower your body and execute a push-up, stopping when you're around 3 inches above the floor.
  5. Push your body away from the ground to revert to the high plank position, then bounce your feet up towards your hands. Lastly, rise to return to your initial stance.
Aim to perform as many repetitions as possible within a span of one minute.

Jab, Cross, Uppercut, Duck

Maintain your mental and physical agility with this dynamic eight-step kickboxing routine.

Position yourself with feet aligned to the width of your shoulders, your left foot positioned in front, and arms ready for defense.

Launch a strike with your left jab, follow it up with a right cross, and swiftly throw a left uppercut (keep your elbow close to your body and visualize punching upward into an opponent's lower jaw). Next, perform a quick duck (squat down).

Promptly return to the standing position. Aim to achieve as many repetitions as possible within a 30-second interval. Then switch sides and repeat the exercise.

Switching Roundhouse

Prepare to tackle your hips and thighs with this switch-kicking combination. Assume a stance with feet positioned shoulder-width apart, keeping your left foot in the lead while holding your arms ready on guard.

Proceed by flexing your left knee while shifting your weight onto your left foot. Pivot your right heel forward and then swiftly "whip" your right leg out towards the side. Visualize striking an object with your shin and the top of your foot while your leg is fully extended and foot pointed.

Draw your knee back inward and step down to transition legs, repeating the same motion on the alternate side. Keep alternating between both sides for a total duration of 30 seconds.

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