Kristen Bell Did Beach Yoga with Her Family and Wavehuggers, an Ocean-Conscious Surf School

They also cleaned up trash along the shore together—as if we needed more reasons to be obsessed with this family.

Known for her realistic take on fitness, Kristen Bell has consistently promoted both mental and physical wellness, demonstrating how self-care can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle. Recently, the star mom shared one of her unique ways of staying in shape - involving her entire family. She posted a collection of photos on Instagram depicting her family engaging in a beach clean-up session with Wavehuggers, an organization that merges environmental initiatives with surfing lessons. After enjoying some surfing and contributing to environmental conservation, Bell's family used the gathered plastic waste to create art pieces. They concluded their eventful day with a relaxing family beach yoga session. This is not just a fun-filled activity but also a small step towards making the environment cleaner and healthier. The commitment of Bell and her family towards environmental conservation and health is indeed commendable.

Not exclusive to Bell, the concept of "activism" has taken on a fresh perspective. The correlation between cleanliness, organization and enhanced mental and physical health is being increasingly acknowledged. A number of individuals are participating locally in activities such as plogging – a fusion of "jogging" and the Swedish term "plocka upp" meaning "pick up". This encourages joggers to gather litter along their route. Some are even scheduling global trips that merge active volunteering with local sports like yoga and kayaking. Although these activities may not burn calories equivalent to extended gym workouts, they present a viable way to make your voluntary work a dual-benefit exercise beneficial for your physique and moral sense. There's hardly anything superior to this wholesome experience.

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