Lizzo Used a Balance Board In Her Home Workouts

You can even use the device while you WFH.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people turned to home workouts to maintain their physical and mental wellness. If your workout routine is becoming monotonous or you haven't yet found suitable gym equipment, let popular singer Lizzo be your inspiration. A recent TikTok video revealed her fitness regimen, which intriguingly includes a balance board. The video compilation portrays Lizzo using an exercise bike, performing plank jacks, leg lifts, bicep curls, and reverse flys with resistance bands. Additionally, she demonstrates an exercise where she simply stands on a balance board. One might wonder how standing can count as a workout. But it's not as easy as it seems. As indicated by its name, a balance board primarily helps improve balance. Various types of balance boards exist, but they usually have a flat surface for standing, positioned over a fulcrum, making stability a challenge when using the device. The aim of a balance board is to add difficulty to basic exercises, without incorporating additional weights, according to Equinox trainer Rachel Mariotti. "For those seeking a new challenge with push-ups or squats, this tool is ideal," Mariotti explains. Even just standing on a balance board (like Lizzo) can be a rigorous workout. Balance and stability training are fundamental for everyday functional movements such as housework and gardening, and can also help avoid injuries. To enhance ankle stability and overall balance, Mariotti suggests trying three sets of 30-second standing balance holds. Rest assured, it's much tougher than Lizzo makes it appear. Therefore, especially for runners, balance and stability training is beneficial. This highlights why balance boards should be a part of your home workout routine.

Looking to enhance your home exercise routine like Lizzo? Consider adding the Gruper Wobble Balance Board (Buy It, $39, to your fitness equipment. This balance board is highly rated and praised by users who find it not only useful for workouts, but also as a complement to their standing desk arrangement. One user noted, "It's excellent for use at a standing desk. I use it throughout the day". Initially, you might find balancing while working a bit challenging and distracting, but with some patience and regular practice, you'll get accustomed to it. The same user added, "[Now] my feet don't tire easily, boredom is kept at bay, and maintaining poor posture for prolonged periods becomes difficult." This work arrangement has improved their back and knee discomfort and enhanced focus. (An alternative to consider: the StrongTek Professional Wooden Balance Board (Buy It, $36, This lightweight balance board features an easy-to-grip surface on top (ideal if you like going barefoot) and anti-slip padding on the curved bottom, offering superior floor protection. Still exploring options? Check out these other balance boards designed to engage your core muscles.

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