Lizzo Says the Body Positivity Movement Has Been "Co-Opted By All Bodies"

"Fat people are still getting the short end of this movement."

Lizzo, the acclaimed singer, recently drew attention to a crucial observation about the body-positivity movement through her TikTok account. She pointed out that this empowering movement, which has skyrocketed in popularity and is frequently embodied in advertisement campaigns and numerous social media posts with #bodypos hashtags, is progressively excluding the marginalized individuals who were instrumental in its formation.

The roots of the body-positivity movement are grounded in supporting those with marginalized bodies - encompassing individuals who are fat, queer, trans, or people of color. The goal was to give these individuals a sense of self-love that had formerly been exclusive to people in privileged positions, such as those who are thin, white, and fit. Yet, as Lizzo shared in her TikTok video, this movement has since been adopted by all body types. She explained that society is now embracing medium-sized and slim women, even those who occasionally have rolls. It's important to note, however, that while this is a positive development and those in privileged bodies should certainly be allies, larger individuals are still frequently left out of the movement. Whether it manifests as a brand boasting about abandoning Photoshop to seem "inclusive" but only offering clothes up to size XXL, or someone making unsolicited comments about the health of someone with a larger body, fat-shaming remains prevalent despite the progress of the body-positivity movement. As Lizzo stated, larger individuals are still being ridiculed, talked about in a negative way, turned into memes, and shamed. This is because the body-positivity movement is now seen as "for everybody", making it easier for the shaming to go unnoticed, leading to indifference from others, according to the singer. However, Lizzo did take a minute to shine light on the fact that the body-positivity movement is intended to help individuals feel better about themselves. "Please use our movement to empower yourself, that's the purpose," she expressed. But it's crucial to acknowledge that "the creators of this movement - big women, big brown and Black women, queer women - are not reaping the benefits from its mainstream success", she continued. Lastly, Lizzo offered one more piece of advice for those who continue to make unwarranted remarks about someone's size, weight, or perceived health or abilities: "Our bodies are none of your business. Our health is none of your business."

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