Lizzo Celebrates Weight Gain In Instagram Post

Unfazed by the constant New Year's resolution dialogues that revolve around dieting, weight loss or reinventing oneself, Lizzo has ushered in 2022 with a refreshing perspective. On January 2nd, the renowned singer posted a video where she can be seen grooving to the tunes of "Rodeo" while dressed in a brown bodysuit and complete makeup. Her caption, far from mentioning anything about "fresh starts," proudly stated, "I gained weight?? I look TF GOODT?." Lizzo's unwavering stance on self-love has always been a significant attraction for her admirers. She continuously challenges the commonly held belief that gaining weight is invariably negative and something to be strictly avoided. By choosing to not only accept but also celebrate her evolving physique instead of feeling embarrassed by it, Lizzo has set a powerful example. Embodying her popular song "good as hell," she provides the much-needed shift in perspective — an ideal way to kickstart the new year.

The internet burst into applause as Lizzo's dance video went viral, prompting a shower of heart-eyes and fire emojis from every corner of the web. One admirer conveyed, "Your confidence has just lifted my spirits! Looking at you makes me feel good about myself." Another supporter, resonating with this sentiment, chimed in, "Absolutely agree! She is sizzling and sexy." One fan voiced her approval, "That's the spirit, celebrating happy weight gain?". Echoing similar thoughts was another who opined, "She does look amazing! It's truly uplifting especially when I was feeling down due to my own weight gain." Lizzo, known for her honesty about body image, has consistently shared her views on the body positivity movement. She notes its misappropriation by "people of medium or small sizes, those who have occasional rolls," as she disclosed on TikTok. Lizzo points out that despite being started by "large, brown, Black, and queer women," fat individuals continue to be marginalized within the body-positivity movement.

Lizzo is urging for bodies similar to hers, such as those with back fat, bellies that hang, thighs that overlap, and stretch marks, to be accepted in mainstream society. She expressed her thoughts during a Vogue interview in 2020, stating that she finds the term "body positive" to be too convenient, and instead wants to promote body-normalization. Noting the increase in diversity under the 'body positive' hashtag, she's delighted that inclusivity is entering popular conversations. Her concern, however, is that the individuals who were initially targeted by this term aren't reaping its benefits. To emulate Lizzo's confident attitude in starting your new year, you can listen to the track "Rodeo" by City Girls or any tune that lifts your mood. To further boost your confidence, consider adopting her style – sparkly silver eyeshadow and a brown bodysuit. You can opt for the SKIMS Essential Scoop Neck Bodysuit in Smokey Quartz (Buy It, $68, available up to size 5X, or the Old Navy Sleeveless Supima Cotton-Blend Bodysuit in Maplewood (Buy It, $20,, available up to 4X with regular, tall, and petite lengths. As we welcome the new year, remember that you're perfect just the way you are.

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