Lizzo Is the Latest Celebrity to Try a Cold Plunge

The singer shared a video of her taking a chilly dip days before her Emmys win.

Just days prior to receiving her Emmy for the outstanding competition program on Amazon's 'Lizzo's Watch Out fo the Big Grrrls', the renowned singer shared a TikTok video of herself experiencing a cold plunge. Dressed in a coordinated white fitness outfit, she immerses herself in a tub filled with freezing water. Her expressions and sounds clearly indicate the challenge she faced while getting into the icy water. For three minutes, she remains in the tiny pool, mentioning via overlaid text that the water is so chilly, it has left her numb. Despite this, Lizzo — now halfway to achieving EGOT status — affirms that the freezing plunge is beneficial as it significantly reduces her bodily inflammation. "My body feels rejuvenated", she adds. In a follow-up TikTok post, she reveals that the cold plunge also alleviates her anxiety. This response came after some followers questioned her about taking an ice bath without ice. Dismissing any doubts about the intensity of her cold plunge due to the absence of ice in the tub, Lizzo affirms she has no time for such trivial queries.

Have you noticed the growing trend of celebrities endorsing ice baths, also known as cold plunges? Numerous stars like Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Alyssa Milano have all tried it. Recently, Zac Efron revealed his fondness for ice baths, stating it was one of the highlights of his day. Similarly, Kendall Jenner shared a snippet of her immersing herself in a Remedy Place ice bath tub on Instagram, expressing self-love.

Despite being a current fad, cold plunges are an age-old practice. As mentioned by Lizzo in a recent video, they offer numerous physical and mental health benefits. Cold water immersion has been scientifically proven to have an anti-inflammatory impact on muscles and joints, notes Dr. Joseph Ciotola, an orthopedic surgeon at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. The vasoconstriction caused by the decrease in skin, core, and muscle temperatures due to cold water can potentially reduce inflammation resulting from muscle damage.

Although there's limited scientific evidence, preliminary data suggests that cold plunges may have mental health benefits, says Thea Gallagher, Psy.D., a clinical assistant professor at NYU Langone Health and co-host of the Mind in View podcast. One 2021 study showed that people who swam in the ocean during winter felt less stressed than those who didn't. Additionally, other research indicated that ice baths might stimulate cortisol (a stress hormone) release, which could explain why people feel energized after taking them. "People often report feeling rejuvenated after a cold plunge," Gallagher added.

In conclusion, cold plunges, as endorsed by celebrities like Lizzo and others, may indeed enhance both your physical and mental wellbeing, irrespective of whether you use actual ice or not.

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