Lizzo Did the Viral TikTok Treadmill Workout Set to Her Own Music

Watch the singer walk and jog to the beat of her own hit songs.

Renowned singer-songwriter, Lizzo, ignited the internet with her TikTok video featuring a trending treadmill workout set to her own chart-topping music. The fitness routine, named the "Lizzo Treadmill Strut," has been gaining popularity among TikTok users ever since its inception by Allie Bennett. TikTok's latest fitness craze involves synchronizing your treadmill walk and jog to the beats of popular songs. Bennett has tailored such workouts around various artists' hits, including Taylor Swift, Doja Cat, Harry Styles, and Justin Bieber. The pattern of these sweat sessions is similar: find your pace to a song, then bump up the speed by .1 mph with each new track from the non-shuffled playlist. Starting at 3.4 mph and working up to 3.8 mph before accelerating to a 7.0 mph run for two songs, followed by a cool-down at 3.2 mph, completes this half-hour workout. The instructional video aimed at Lizzo's music garnered more than 1.4 million views, catching the attention of Lizzo herself who commented, "WOOOOOOOOW DOING THIS." She did give the routine a try and seemed to have a blast doing cardio to her own tunes based on her posted video. In the clip, Lizzo initiated the workout with a brisk walk to "About Damn Time," "Tempo," "Exactly How I Feel," "Juice," "Fitness," and "Rumors," transitioning into a jog for "Soulmate" and "Truth Hurts." She even concluded the session by twerking to "Good as Hell" while still on the moving treadmill. According to her caption, she started at 2.5 mph and increased it to 3.6 mph for jogging. "Not everyone's journey is the same but we all can STRUT LIKE A BADDIE HEAUX?," quoted Lizzo.

Can the Lizzo Treadmill March truly deliver? "Walking, a fantastic exercise for overall human health, can burn calories, boost bone density, and enhance circulation," says Albert Matheny, R.D., C.S.C.S., co-founder of SoHo Strength Lab, Promix Nutrition, and ARENA. Moreover, music has been found to offer significant benefits both during and after workouts. It can help people extend their workout duration, potentially improve running performance, and make HIIT workouts more enjoyable, according to various studies. Music was also associated with better physical and mental health in a 2022 study. Therefore, if you're aiming to feel "Good as Hell," consider playing some Lizzo on the treadmill or while walking or running outdoors.

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