'Modern Family's Julie Bowen and Sister Helped Rescue Woman Who Fainted In a Utah National Park

A New Jersey woman recalled being aided by a good Samaritan who had a "familiar voice."

"Modern Family" actress Julie Bowen made headlines recently when she came to the rescue of a woman who had fainted at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. The woman, Minnie John from New Jersey, was fulfilling her travel bucket list dream of visiting the Delicate Arch, a renowned 52-foot natural arch, as per the account detailed on her Facebook post dated August 3.

In her post, John mentioned how she felt an undying desire to climb despite her artificial knee and limited mobility since her surgery. During her adventurous endeavor accompanied by her husband Shaji and son Brandon, she started feeling faint towards the end of the journey.

Post-fainting, she remembered being cared for by an individual whose voice sounded familiar. She recognized it was Julie Bowen, once she regained her senses. Bowen, along with her sister, Annie Luetkemeyer, M.D., a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, were accompanied by a guide who witnessed John's fall.

John recalled how Bowen and her sister treated her wounds using their first-aid kit and managed to contact her family using her own phone that was in her purse. Expressing gratitude, John lauded the individuals who showed kindness and acted selflessly during her crisis situation.

Upon retrospection, John, a diabetic, realized she had not adequately nourished herself that day, having only consumed breakfast and an apple pie. She attributed her fainting episode to possibly low sugar levels and dehydration. Despite acknowledging the riskiness of the climb, she expressed pride in accomplishing it and thanked her "good Samaritans", including Bowen and others who were present during her time of need.

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