How Nina Dobrev Built a Home Gym During the Pandemic

The actress had a huge workout wakeup call when the pandemic hit.

The whirlwind lifestyle of actress Nina Dobrev came to a halt at the onset of COVID-19 in 2020. Much like everyone else, she had to reevaluate certain aspects of her daily activities, including her fitness regimen. "When the pandemic kicked off... I realized how much I depended on my personal trainer and various outside help for my fitness needs, particularly because of my hectic schedule involving work and travel," Dobrev shares with Shape. "However, once I was homebound, it dawned on me how ill-equipped my home was in terms of workout gear, prompting me to scramble for solutions."

In her Hollywood Hills residence, Dobrev decided to transform a room into an exercise area. "I gradually started gathering equipment and items so that I could complete my workouts at home," she explains. Among the fitness gear she acquired during the pandemic were weights, a Pilates machine, a NordicTrack Treadmill (Purchase It, $1,899,, and a SoulCycle at-home bike (Purchase It, $2,500, The latter has served dual purposes. "After a day's shoot when I need to memorize the script for the next day, I can sit on the bike, read the script, and exercise," says Dobrev. Being able to work out any time due to her home gym is something Dobrev is very thankful for. "I'm really proud of my home gym, it sees a lot of use," she states. "Having the ability to choose when to work out, whether early in the morning before heading to set, late at night after getting back from set, or after a long journey is wonderful." High-end fitness equipment like treadmills or stationary bikes can be quite hefty for the budget. If you're not a celebrity, these might seem inaccessible. But tools such as Affirm, which Dobrev recently partnered with, offer a solution. They provide shoppers the opportunity to make instant purchases and pay according to a plan they select (for example, a three-month or six-month term with a determined fee). "It offers buyers the leeway to buy products they desire or need and pay for them gradually on their own terms, without any late or hidden charges," she adds.

As we approach the festive season, Dobrev is gearing up for the debut of her romantic comedy on Netflix, Love Hard, set to premiere on November 5. The actress is also placing significant emphasis on her rapidly expanding wine collection, Fresh Vine, a joint venture with her close friend, Julianne Hough. "Both Julianne and I are proponents of a lifestyle that strikes a balance and prioritizes fun," shares Dobrev. With such a credo in mind, it's time to toast!

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