Watch Rebel Wilson Do Arm Workouts with a Bottle of Vodka

In case you need ideas while you wait for that delivery of home workout equipment.

Since the onset of quarantine in March, you may have found yourself improvising with available items for your workouts due to a shortage of home gym equipment. Sales soared, causing commonly used items such as dumbbells and resistance bands to run out of stock. Rebel Wilson has proven herself resourceful in maintaining her strength exercises, even while vacationing on a yacht. In a recent Instagram update, she showcases a video of herself luxuriously cruising the waters of Monaco. The footage begins with her holding an impressively large bottle of Grey Goose vodka, weighing in at 4.5 liters. However, instead of indulging in a drink, Wilson employs the almost 10-pound bottle for a spontaneous upper body workout. She dubs this her "Monaco routine."


Rebel Wilson demonstrates how to make an unconventional arm workout fun, using a large vodka bottle. She kicks off her routine with biceps curls, an effective exercise for enhancing upper body strength.

Moving on, she performs standing overhead presses, noting the importance of 'a slight knee bend.' This technique enhances not just upper-body strength but also core and leg stability. Clay Ardoin, co-founder of SculptU, asserts that this results in phenomenal core strength.

As part of her 'Monaco routine,' Rebel recommends overhead triceps extensions, which particularly target the upper under-arms. For added intensity, Mike Donavanik suggests incorporating pulsing reps to increase the tension on the triceps muscles.

In conclusion, Wilson showcases a playful approach to fitness by running with the vodka bottle hoisted over her shoulder. While probably not a go-to exercise technique, it's clear that Wilson is committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as seen from her various fitness pursuits like hiking, boxing, tire flipping, and surfing.

If you're on the home workout grind but don't have a Grey Goose bottle handy, there are plenty of household items that can be used for an effective workout.


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