Rebel Wilson Talks Emotional Eating, Weight Loss with Drew Barrymore

"My way of dealing with [stress] was just like, eating donuts."

Initiating 2020 as her "health-focused year", Rebel Wilson didn't anticipate the multitude of trials the year would entail, including a worldwide health crisis. Despite unforeseen obstacles, Wilson remained steadfast in pursing her wellness objectives while keeping her fans and social media followers updated on her progress. In a recent discussion with Drew Barrymore, Wilson divulged how she has managed to strike a balance with her dietary habits this year, confessing that food had been her go-to stress reliever during her rise to fame. As a guest on The Drew Barrymore Show, Wilson disclosed that turning 40 was a significant wake-up call prompting her to prioritize her health. She said, "I was travelling across the globe, living the jet-setter's life, and consuming abundant amounts of sugar," referring to sugary treats as her "weakness" when under pressure. She further stated, "My primary issue was emotional eating," adding that the anxiety of gaining international recognition pushed her to use food as an emotional outlet. "My method of dealing with [stress] was just like, indulging in donuts," she revealed to Barrymore. This admission is something many can relate to.

All humans, at some point or another, find solace in food. We are inherently designed to derive joy from what we consume. As Kara Lydon, R.D., L.D.N., R.Y.T., penned for Shape, "food serves as a source of nourishment and also a tool of comfort." She continued, "It's natural to experience satisfaction when you savor a perfectly cooked steak or indulge in a slice of decadent chocolate cake." Rebel Wilson confessed to Drew Barrymore that she initially attempted to tackle emotional eating by exploring various "trendy diets." However, these efforts often lead to a vicious cycle of cravings and subsequent overindulgence due to the labeling of certain foods as 'good' or 'bad'. Lydon explained, "The more you attempt to regulate emotional eating, the more it ends up dominating you." Upon realizing this, Wilson decided to take a more comprehensive approach to address the root cause of her reliance on food for emotional support. In 2020, Wilson embarked on a journey of physical transformation which involved experimenting with different workouts such as surfing and boxing. Aside from physical fitness, she also began focusing on her mental health. She shared, "[I asked myself:] Why am I not appreciating myself and recognizing my self-worth?" Wilson also noticed her diet was heavily reliant on carbohydrates. While enjoyable, she realized her body required more protein intake. (By the way, here is how consuming the correct amount of protein each day should look.)

In the course of her "health-focused year," Rebel Wilson revealed to Barrymore that she has shed approximately 40 pounds. However, more than the figure on the weighing scale, Wilson relishes the fact that she feels "far healthier" at present. As she disclosed to a follower on Instagram the previous month, she cherished herself "at all sizes". "But feeling proud to have improved my health this year and treating myself with more respect," she added.

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