The Lifelong Wellness Practices Rose Byrne Will Never Quit

During the endless months of lockdown, Australian actress Rose Byrne developed a new talent: concocting mixed drinks. Engaging in playful banter, she confesses to being a novice bartender, much to the amusement of her partner, actor Bobby Cannavale. Though they aren't legally wedded, after almost a decade and two children, they comfortably refer to each other as husband and wife. Currently residing on America's West Coast due to Rose's professional commitments, their daily life is far from Hollywood's glitz and glamour. Rose candidly admits that her normal beauty regime has been abandoned, replaced by days speckled with magic markers, Play-Doh and flour. However, our conversation takes place on a different kind of day for Rose. Fresh off the set of her new Apple TV+ series Physical (available from June 18), the show narrates the story of an unsatisfied 1980s housewife who uses aerobics as a stepping-stone to power, ultimately transforming into a wellness sensation. The role was emotionally affecting and physically gruelling for Rose, remembered lovingly for her memorable parts in Damages, Bridesmaids, and Neighbors. Meticulous training and preparation were required to master the aerobic sequences. Working remotely with Jennifer Hamilton, the show's choreographer, Rose began molding her performance months prior to the filming. According to Rose, the character Sheila's journey is reflected in the development of her routines - initially raw, gradually gaining finesse as Sheila discovers her strength and confidence. Rose had not been practicing cardio regularly, making this particular aspect challenging yet enjoyable. Rose perceives Physical as a continuation of her portrayal of Gloria Steinem in Mrs. America, which shed light on the struggle for Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s. The experience was deeply enlightening, and transitioning into Sheila felt like carrying forward the legacy of those times. Juggling a demanding role while concocting homemade cocktails helped Rose navigate the lockdown. She managed to visit her native Australia briefly (thanks to her partner's work commitments) but was unable to see many close friends and family members, whom she eagerly looks forward to hugging and kissing once the situation improves. Until then, she reveals her personal tips for maintaining positivity, health and vitality.

Work Out Where You Can, When You Can

"Maintaining fitness amidst the hustle and bustle of child-rearing can often feel like a balancing act. Long walks and hiking have become a regular part of my routine, alongside yoga - a practice I started in my teenage years and have reconnected with during the lockdown. These 15 to 20-minute sessions serve as an excellent tool for calming the mind.

There have been phases when I've engaged personal trainers, particularly enjoying the benefits of strength training whenever time permits. Swimming is another activity I indulge in when I'm in Australia, taking advantage of the large 50-meter fresh water pools that are readily available. Over time, I've realized that recuperating fitness levels tends to take longer as age advances. However, regular physical activity undeniably has positive impacts on overall well-being, effectively alleviating stress."

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Remember: Rituals Are Restorative

"Mastering the art of sleep comes easily to me. I'm not one to stay up late, thus, an early bedtime guarantees me seven to eight hours of sleep. For two decades now, my morning ritual has been to start my day with warm lemon water. Keeping myself well-hydrated throughout the day is a priority, and to that end, I recently acquired a gallon water bottle which I carry around despite its cumbersome size. At the close of a hectic day, rather than scrolling through my phone, I find solitude in a quiet meditation session, even if it's just for five or ten minutes. This restorative routine is incredibly nourishing for both my mind and body."

Love Your Skin

"Growing up in Australia, we were consistently cautioned about the harshness of the sun. 'Apply sunscreen', 'don a hat', and 'use sunglasses'. We were warned about the likelihood of skin cancer if we didn't take suitable precautions. The threat was real, especially with a gaping ozone hole, making even overcast days dangerous. This concept has been deeply ingrained in every Australian child, including me. As I matured, I started gravitating towards more natural beauty products. Ageing has brought noticeable changes to my skin, especially now in my 40s. However, rather than resisting them, I've chosen to accept these changes as part of the journey."

Feed Your Cravings


My upbringing was under food enthusiasts, my parents. They ingrained in us the significance of authentic food. I've held onto this foundational principle, as they guided me. However, managing two young boys can throw a wrench in the works. There are instances when I sift through numerous recipes, endeavoring to tap into my creative side and discover new culinary ideas. But, often, I find myself preparing the same dishes for weeks on end.

We strive to incorporate a substantial amount of fruits in our diet. My morning usually begins with fruit and yogurt, followed by a lunch that includes some greens or perhaps a sandwich. When the evening rolls around, we typically have dinner as a family. Our meal might consist of grilled chicken, a hearty meat loaf, fish, or a meat-infused pasta dish. To mix things up, we also designate one night each week as 'pizza night'.

I am indeed a firm believer in enjoying a bit of everything; I don't restrict myself. Moderation is key. I have a deep-seated love for food and I wouldn't want to deny myself any of my favorite foods. Spaghetti Bolognese tops my list of all-time favorite dishes. Besides, my mom's delectable spinach pie holds a special place in my heart. And Mexican cuisine – oh, it's divine! From chips, guacamole, to margaritas, I revel in all of it. It's a feast I could indulge in every single day."

Choose Your Own Path

"Experiencing motherhood is an incredibly transformative event — it encompasses the physical journey as well as the challenges and joys of raising children. This experience varies greatly among women, and it's often difficult to discuss due to societal expectations and feelings of guilt; it's a very complex issue. However, for me, it remains the most wonderful occurrence in my life. It certainly had an impact on my career goals, making them more focused. Yet, there's always this ongoing struggle to find the right balance: Am I devoting enough time at home? Am I still finding fulfillment in my job? The equilibrium between professional and personal life is such an individual journey. I refrain from passing judgment on anyone."

Photography captured by Carter Smith, known on Instagram as @carterbedloesmith. The styling was creatively done by Brit & Kara Elkin, who can be found on Instagram under the handle @ELKIN. Hair design was handled by the talented Mara Roszak from A-Frame Agency, her work is showcased on her Instagram profile @mararoszak. The exquisite makeup was executed by Mai Quynh who works for The Wall Group and used Armani Beauty products, her Instagram handle is @storyofmailife. The manicure, using CHANEL Le Vernis, was done by Kim Truong, a part of Star Touch Agency, her Instagram is @kimkimnails. The Creative Director for this project was Noah Dreier, who goes by @noahdreier on Instagram. Photo Direction was managed by Toni Paciello Loggia, you can find her work on Instagram under @toniloggia.

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