Selena Gomez Was Being Body Shamed for Gaining Weight As a Result of Her Lupus

Dealing with a plethora of hardships, Selena Gomez bravely shares her feelings of being "targeted" during her fight against severe health issues. The 27-year-old singer and actress has navigated through some incredibly challenging phases in recent years. Amidst dealing with high-profile separations from her intermittent boyfriend Justin Bieber, she has also battled mental health issues, taking periodic hiatuses from her career and social media. Significantly, Gomez received a diagnosis of lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that triggers inflammation in the joints, skin, and other organs as described by the National Health Society (NHS). There is no known cure for lupus at present, however, early treatment can improve symptoms. Due to complications arising from this condition, including kidney failure, Gomez had to undergo a kidney transplant surgery.

In a recent conversation with the vodcast Giving Back Generation, renowned singer Selena Gomez candidly discussed her personal health battles. She shared how her lupus medication led to weight gain, which subsequently affected her self-image. "I cope with lupus, kidney disorders, and hypertension, contributing to multiple health challenges. That's when I started to experience more body image issues," she expressed. Moreover, while grappling privately with her changing physical appearance, she was subjected to social media "attacks" about her looks, all the while unaware of her health condition. “My weight fluctuation is an ongoing issue, depending on the month or current circumstances,” she remarked while talking about her struggle. “People began to criticize me for that, not realizing it was my reality. My weight varies depending on what’s going on in my life.” Gomez revealed that these harsh body-shaming remarks were what prompted her to take a break from social media. "That hit me hard," she confessed. "It shook me up for a while." Since her return, Gomez has chosen to rarely read the comments on her posts.

"I find immense joy in just being in the moment," she expressed. "It's like the equivalent of me sharing a snapshot and then disconnecting; I've done my bit. I'm fine with gracing red carpets and all; I don't need to revisit it; I was there, I felt fantastic and that's all there is to it. I see no necessity to put myself out there for everyone to scrutinise." Gomez hopes her outlook towards social media will encourage other young impressionable women to adopt a similar approach. "Countless beautiful girls and distinct personalities are being crushed by an ideal they're striving to emulate," she pointed out. "They aspire to transform into someone entirely different, but that’s not who they truly are inside." (Gomez, however, does admit that adopting such an attitude is easier said than done. "I understand, I used to look at others' profiles and think, 'Alright, I need to improve myself.'") But whenever she falls into this negative pattern, she leans on her faith and close friends, confessing: "I don’t think I could navigate through life alone."

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