Sophia Bush Did Weighted Hamstring Curls with a Smile On Her Face

Her trainer, Ben Bruno, said that even pro athletes struggle with this move.

Sophia Bush, renowned for her environmental activism, advocacy for clean beauty, and social activism, is also quite proficient in maintaining a vigorous gym routine. Her fitness regime rarely makes an appearance on the public scene, but recently, her trainer Ben Bruno shared a clip featuring Bush acing weighted hamstring curls – a challenge for many.

In the video, Bush is seen lying on a slide board with a weight plate underneath her body and a kettlebell resting on her hips. Post adjusting herself into a bridge position, she starts moving up and down the board, executing 13 reps of the exercise with apparent ease.

"Sophia Bush showcases impressive hamstring strength," stated Bruno in his caption who has celebrity clients like Jessica Biel, Chelsea Handler, and Kate Upton. "For rookies, it might seem like an undemanding task since Sophia performs the exercise effortlessly while smiling. But, anyone who's tried them before would be astonished at her agility. And I share that reaction."

This strenuous leg regimen, as Bruno mentioned in his update, isn't necessarily recommended for novices. In fact, he stated, "A large number of professional athletes find it difficult to perform [this workout] correctly. After a single repetition, most people get cramps and must perform the exercise with their feet on the slides rather than their shoulders — which is also an outstanding activity, and where I propose beginning." You can substitute them for a towel or use plastic plates under your feet if you don't have sliders at home (which will function on carpet as well). A basic hamstring walkout might be beneficial if this is still too challenging, where you slowly step your legs out and back without the use of sliders. If you're feeling brave and want to follow Bush's example, Bruno has some advice for you. He continued to share in his post, "The key is to keep the hips raised so that the glutes are activated. Essentially, you want a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. If your neck feels strained, as Sophia is doing here, you can support your head with your hand." Bruno wrote that adding weight to your hips will make the exercise significantly more difficult, which is why it's crucial to perfect it with your bodyweight first to avoid slacking on your form. Either way, Bruno concluded his post by noting these exercises are going to burn and warned, "Don't say I didn't warn you."

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